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Why Companies Should Give Preference To Carbon Neutrality

Although we are living in a technologically advanced era, carbon change has become a major concern. There are many organizations that are contributing to the process of overall climate change mitigations. However, the companies that are emitting carbon dioxide should also come forward to make a balance. Fortunately, many companies are compensating by embracing carbon neutrality. But, there are many that do not know how to maintain the balance. Therefore, we have elaborated everything associated with carbon neutrality. In addition to this, we also explained why companies should give preference to carbon neutrality.

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Carbon Neutrality

If any company is achieving zero carbon dioxide emission, that is called a carbon neutral company. Well, the process is called carbon neutrality. Well, achieving the carbon neutral status is not as easy as it sounds. However, one can achieve this status in two different ways:

  • Balancing The Emission Of Carbon Dioxide: One can achieve carbon neutrality status by balancing the emission of carbon dioxide. It is also called carbon offsetting. In such a situation, one takes aside the same amount of carbon dioxide that it is throwing into the atmosphere. Thus, it becomes carbon neutral.
  • Reducing The Overall Carbon Emission: If you can reduce the overall carbon emission to 0%, you can achieve carbon neutrality status. In such a case, companies generally change energy sources. Instead of using non-renewable energy, companies start giving preference to renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and even nuclear power.

Carbon offsetting

When it comes to the carbon offset projects, you will see the overpromising and fragile advancement to climate change. Many established offset programs such as the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol or the REDD+ program of the United Nations have a very poor track record. However, there are several ways through which any organization can make a good carbon offset. Well, if any organization is investing money to develop a wind farm that will replace the coal power plant, it is only doing a good business. The money that is invested here will not make any reduction in greenhouse gases. But, one organization is trying to clear any specific section of rainforest for their project and someone or any organization is paying for not doing this, it will actually mitigate the emission of greenhouse gas that is connected with deforestation.

How to Achieve Carbonneutral Status?

A company will achieve carbon neutral status by following the five steps mentioned below:

  • Define: In this step, you will determine whether the entire company or any product will become carbon neutral.
  • Measure: Measure refers to the accurate calculation of carbon emission.
  • Target: In order to achieve carbon neutrality, you will have to set a target.
  • Reduce: You will reduce carbon emission by implementing various carbon-efficiency programs. Well, the company can also make changes in their business travel program.
  • Communicate: In this step, you will demonstrate the climate action plan. Thus, you can engage your stakeholders, customers, and teams.

So, this is all about carbon neutrality and we hope that you have understood why companies should give preference to carbon neutrality.

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