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European Union official shares alarming facts about threats to Great Barrier Reef | Great Barrier Reef

A senior official of the European Union has sounded the alarm over the Great Barrier Reef’s rapid decline in Australia. The official has also back-called to all the other countries for making cut on their emissions of greenhouse gas.

Virginijus Sinkevičius is deeply concerned about the Great Barrier Reef

The commissioner for environment, fisheries, and oceans of the European Union has told Guardian Australia that he was concerned with the threats being faced by the coral reef, deeply. He further said that as long as we are not going to change our living habits, things are not going to change.

Virginijus also hopes that Australia will sign up for the 84-country Leader’s Pledge for Nature. This is basically a document that is here for green and just recovery for the current pandemic crisis. It’s also a stronger political requirement to act against the calamity of ecosystem degradation, climate change, and biodiversity loss.

The Leader’s Pledge also backs the objective of accomplishing the goal of zero emission by 2050. This target is the preference of Scott Morrison, Australian prime minister. However, he has resisted making any formal commitment in this regard. This is due to the divisions within the government over the topic of climate change.

However, Virginijus Sinkevičius has spoken to Guardian Australia. This happened when European Union become a part of the International Coral Reef Initiative. It’s a group of organizations and countries concerned about preserving coral reefs as well as related ecosystems.

However, Australia was one of the 8 founded countries that initiated this in 1994.

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The Great Barrier Reef is emblematic of rich marine life

As per Virginijus, no coral reef is better known than the Great Barrier Reef in Europe. He also said that all coral reefs including the Great Barrier Reef were representative of rich marine life. However, these beautiful underwater worlds’ quick degeneration is a reminder of the pressure our activities are placing on the planet.

It is because coral reefs are under threat due to humans’ activities. The major reason behind this is our unsustainable style of living, consuming, and also producing.

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Ecosystem importance

As long as we don’t change our lifestyles, things aren’t going to change at all. As everything is in our own hands. Therefore, it’s the time when we should start acting responsibly to rectify these negative impacts.

Even though world heritage has enlisted the Great Barrier Reef as the largest coral reef. However, the increasing pressure of climate change has caused mass bleaching events here in the previous years.

Even more, February’s report card by the government has also found that the marine environment at the coastline is still in poor health.

Therefore, Virginijus Sinkevičius has asked all the countries. He has asked them to increase their ambition level in their commitments regarding greenhouse gas reduction. However, he is happy to see the increased impact in the engagement level with partners all around the world.

Even more, he is also pleased by seeing that the US and China have even set the deadlines for net-zero emissions.  

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