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Is your company 100% Carbon Neutral?

For today's businesses, being sustainable is no longer just 'nice to have'. A net-zero mentality will boost your company's reputation and attract passionate employees, customers and investors who share your vision for the future. Moreover, DGB can assist in increasing your bottom line by reducing your business' highest-cost emissions
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See what you can do for your sustainability journey

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We're one of the leading carbon offset companies globally

How to Offset and Become Carbon Neutral in 3 Steps


Calculating Your Carbon Emissions

For both small and large businesses, calculating your carbon footprint is the first step to understanding and reducing your company's climate change impact. Use our Carbon Calculator to start identifying yours. 



Compensate & Reduce Emissions

We will help you to create a reduction roadmap and identify risks and opportunities along the way. Meanwhile, you can compensate for your emissions through our high-quality carbon credits from projects that meet leading international verification standards.

Choosing Carbon Offset Project & Showcasing

After providing internal reductions by funding verified emissions reductions, we enter the reporting process. In this phase, we demonstrate carbon emission actions and plans to engage your teams, customers and stakeholders.

Why Become Carbon Neutral?

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business

Every successful company recognises that taking climate action is critical to its success. Take this opportunity and reap the rewards of increased revenue, reduced costs, stakeholder engagement and reduced risk. At DGB, we provide carbon reduction and offset solutions to organisations worldwide, supporting a wide range of clients from every type of business to governments. In addition, our Integrating Trees into Your Business program helps companies positively impact their clients and employees with boutique tree planting services.

Increase your income while reducing your costs

Measure your company's operational high-emission activities and encourage your employees to create new products and services that align with your goals.

Engage your stakeholders and reduce your risks

Carbon-neutral services allow you to reduce your potential future carbon excise tax risk and reduce your future risk of carbon consumption tax regulations.

What we've Achieved with our Global Projects


Million Trees Being Planted


Ha of Land to be Restored


Tons of CO2 to be Captured


Local Jobs to be Created

How we do it

Help Build a Greener Future

You will gain your organisation's personalised carbon-neutral certification with tailor-made project investment opportunities and a transparent verification process.

Carbon Offset Verification

How are Carbon Offset Projects Verified?

Our reforestation projects are certified by Verra. The Verra Carbon Standard (VCS) Program is the world's most widely used voluntary GHG program. Over 1,806 certified VCS projects have collectively reduced or removed more than 928 million tonnes of Carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere. 


Feasibility Study

A team of ecologists and biologists run a feasibility study on the land.


Project Design

Project managers design the project and set up the scope and timeline. 


Verra Verification

We submit the project plan to Verra for verification.


Sell Credits

The carbon offset is verified and can be sold as a carbon credit.

We’re here to help you accelerate
your sustainability journey to being 100% carbon neutral

Net zero & Sustainability journey

“From the very beginning of our business, we have adopted a strict protocol for the management of the process. We carefully review our project collaborators and suppliers before we deliver any service to you. While each of our projects is validating to international standards with the VCS, the ongoing management of our carbon offset project portfolio is fully traceable. DGB can support and help you to calculate and reduce your carbon emissions, from data collection to reduction strategies and offsetting measures."

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Oscar van Duin
Impact Consultant

"Managing or reducing carbon emissions might be seem overwhelming sometimes, yet we hope to put your mind at ease and help you understand the benefits of becoming green for your organization. You will not only save time and money, but you will also attract a loyal client base and the greatest young talent. This is a fantastic opportunity to lead your industry, to take bold step, and to earn a competitive advantage. Being more environmentally is a journey, and now is the perfect time to begin."

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Thomas Donia
Chief Operating Officer

Invest with us

Participate in our projects

Dutch Green Business is the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on ecosystem restoration and conservation. As a large-scale carbon sequestration project developer, we specialise in producing carbon offsets from sustainable-led nature-based solutions. DGB harnesses market forces and access to capital markets to accelerate Earth's reforestation rapidly.

As a trusted partner, we not only lead you towards net zero but also provide transparent and robust investment opportunities. Through our Green Bonds, we enable companies and individuals to participate in our projects. 

Investor Deck Index

Timeline of projects and expected returns
Rapidly growing carbon offsetting prices
Expanding net-zero awareness
Advanced technology for reforestration
Monitoring the projects and risk plans
Forestation methodology
Validation process

Net Zero Case Studies

Learn more about businesses that have achieved their sustainability goals with these net zero case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are carbon credits and how do they work?

Companies and individuals can account for their unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from certified activities that support community development, protect ecosystems or install efficient technology to reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Carbon credits are measurable, verifiable emission reductions from certified environmental action projects. These projects reduce, remove or avoid air pollution. They also bring a whole host of other positive benefits, for example, they empower communities, protect ecosystems or restore forests.

Projects must adhere to a rigorous set of criteria to pass verification by third-party agencies and a review by a panel of experts at a leading carbon offset standard like Verra or Gold Standard.

After an organization or an individual buys a carbon credit, the credit is permanently retired so it can't be reused.

2- How do I know that the emission reductions are actually happening?

The ICROA-approved verification standards all DGB-related projects adhere to ensure that the project is real, verified, permanent and of course additional. For transparency, carbon credits are assigned serial numbers and are issued, transferred and permanently retired in publicly accessible emission registries.

3- What is Verra Carbon Standard?

Verra is a global leader helping to tackle the world's most intractable environmental and social challenges by developing and managing standards that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate action goals

4- What is the difference between carbon credit and carbon offset?

Carbon credits stands for the right to emit that carbon, while the carbon offsets represent the production of a certain amount of sustainable energy to counterbalance the use of fossil fuels.

5- Where are carbon offset trees planted?

We have opportunities for you to plant trees around the world; across Europe; Africa; North and South America; and Australia. Contact us for more information. Through our Tree Buddying, these projects are paired with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits to guarantee the carbon offsetting

6- Who is applying these steps to be carbon neutral?

Many people and organizations are going carbon neutral (sometimes referred to as ‘climate neutral’). Here are just a few examples:

  • Major sporting events such as the World Cup Soccer are going carbon neutral.
  • Movie studios have offset the emissions from the production of feature films and documentaries, and media companies such as BSkyB, MTV, and News Corp are offsetting the emissions associated with their broadcasts.
  • Major conferences (e.g. United Nations World Climate Research Programme) and conventions have offset their emissions.
  • Organizations as diverse as Wells Fargo, Whole Foods, the EPA and the city of Vail, CO have purchased large quantities of renewable energy certificates to offset their electricity use.
  • Businesses like HSBC, Swiss Re, Google, Nike, Dell, and Vancity have committed to making their entire operations carbon neutral.
  • Countries such as Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, and Costa Rica are aiming to be entirely carbon neutral.
  • Rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Dave Matthews Band have offset the emissions associated with their concerts and albums.

The list continues to grow — best-selling books, grocery store chains, cities, and even countries are becoming carbon neutral. Many celebrities are also choosing to go carbon neutral in their personal lives to help raise awareness about climate change.

7- How can I integrate trees into my business apart from these services?

Feel free to contact with our impact consultants about that!

With the growing focus on the need to offset carbon emissions at all levels of society, integrating trees in your business is a critical issue for businesses to address, not only to determine the best positive stance towards their own practices.

Considering how they can positively affect to your customers and employees with any of the initiatives and programs, get involved them toom into your sustainability journey.

We're here to help you accelerate your sustainable ambitions

Not sure how to get started? Let our Impact Consultants advise you on the possibilities of integrating trees into your company or compensating for your CO2 emissions. Reach out to us, and we will contact you within two working days.