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What is methane capture, and how does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Methane capture involves collecting and utilising methane, a potent greenhouse gas, before it is released into the atmosphere. This gas significantly contributes to harmful environmental impacts due to its high heat-trapping capacity. Methane capture prevents the direct release of methane from various sources, such as landfills, livestock operations, and fossil fuel production. By capturing methane before it enters the atmosphere, its harmful impact on the environment is mitigated. 

Methane capture is a technology-centric solution. While it might effectively prevent CO2 from entering the atmosphere, it doesn't offer the wide-ranging environmental and socio-economic benefits of nature-based offsetting. Moreover, the technology behind it is still evolving, and its long-term implications on the environment are not fully understood. Carbon offsetting via nature presents a more comprehensive solution. It not only addresses the carbon issue but also restores ecosystems, making it a more sustainable and holistic approach.