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Achieve net zero with ecosystem restoration

DGB Group is actively working to restore nature. Join us in creating a greener future through impactful nature-based projects. 


Help build a greener future

8% green returns per year

Invest in nature-based solutions

Tailor-made project investment opportunities with a transparent verification process. 

Develop your land

Start a nature conservation project on your land

Earn income while your land is sustainably managed and protected.

Take responsibility for your impact

Balance your carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint and offset it with our simple tools to become sustainable.


Who we are

We're one of the leading large-scale carbon & biodiversity project developers worldwide

The scale required for global reforestation efforts is almost unimaginable. For capital markets and private individuals, this creates exciting opportunities. As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on nature restoration, DGB sources, develops, and manages large-scale nature-restoration projects.

Our impactful projects restore nature, enhance biodiversity, protect precious ecosystems and habitats, empower local communities, and strategically plant millions of trees, ensuring a green and sustainable future.

How we do it


Worldwide scouting for the best nature conservation projects


Planting trees, conserving nature, and monitoring the land


Certifying and verifying our impact to create carbon credits


Helping corporations achieve net zero and invest in nature

What we do

We invest, manage, and develop large-scale nature-based projects to restore nature and help organisations achieve net zero

Read the latest articles

Read the latest trends and tips from the world of environmental ecosystems and carbon neutrality.

Get started

As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on ecosystem restoration, DGB is harnessing market forces and the access to capital needed to accelerate Earth's reforestation rapidly. Do you want to help, or do you have any questions? Drop us a line.