Positively impact the environment and your business

Integrate trees into your business! Instead of typical corporate gifts, many companies choose to plant trees on behalf of their clients and employees, providing a sustainable and meaningful gesture. Explore how we do this with this brochure. 

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Learn how to integrate trees into your business

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Make a positive impact on your business in minutes

How do you integrate tree planting into your business?


Plant trees for your business

Transform your brand into a force for good by joining the global effort to restore nature and biodiversity through tree planting.

Plant trees for your customers

Show your customers that you care about their wellbeing and the environment by taking proactive steps to invest in nature on their behalf. 

Plant trees for your employees

Positively impact the environment by planting trees for your employees and reducing their carbon footprint, fostering environmental responsibility.

The benefits of integrating trees into your business

Our global network of tree-planting partners collaborates with local communities to revive forests and empower communities. Every tree planted helps to restore nature and generates vital co-benefits like water filtration, shelter, food resources, poverty reduction, and biodiversity preservation. The more trees you plant, the more you make a positive impact.

Engage stakeholders

Stakeholders, investors, and customers are increasingly supporting environmentally sustainable brands. 

Share your green impact

Share the positive impact you're making on the planet and inspire others to join the green movement.

Powerful green solutions for your business

How does DGB Group help you to integrate trees easily?

"At DGB Group, we firmly believe that integrating trees into businesses should be accessible, practical, and impactful. By offering a range of services, technological solutions, partnerships, and educational resources, we strive to make the process of tree integration seamless, ensuring that our clients can contribute to a sustainable world while achieving their business objectives. Together, let's embrace the power of trees and create a brighter future for generations to come."

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Selwyn Duijvestijn
Chief Executive Officer

"We offer tailored consulting services to understand the specific needs and goals of our clients. Whether developing sustainable practices, identifying tree-planting opportunities, or incorporating green infrastructure, our consultants work closely with businesses to create customised plans that align with their operations and objectives. We foster a collaborative network of like-minded individuals and organisations that are passionate about tree integration and sustainability."

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Thomas Donia
Director of Operations

Our global projects


million trees being planted


hectares of country scouted


million tonnes of CO₂ to be captured


jobs being created


efficient cookstoves to be distributed

Small change. Big impact.

Why do trees give great value to your business?

Integrating trees into your business gives it an excellent opportunity to build its reputation in the market. Because of the growing emphasis on the need to restore nature and balance carbon footprints at all levels of society, each tree you integrate facilitates and clarifies your environmental efforts.

How do you integrate trees into your business?

Tree gifting
Employee involvement
Loyalty programmes
Tree planting for e-commerce
Unique rewards
Transparent offsetting

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Discover the power of trees and pave the way for a brighter future for our planet's natural resources. Invest in the preservation of our ecosystems today.