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3-step guide to becoming carbon neutral


Calculate your carbon emissions

For both small and large businesses, calculating your carbon footprint is the first step to understanding and reducing your business' environmental impact. Use DGB's free and easy-to-use Carbon Calculator to start identifying your footprint.

Offset your carbon footprint and reduce your emissions

We will help you create a reduction roadmap and identify risks and opportunities. You can invest in nature and become sustainable through our high-quality carbon credits from projects that meet leading international verification standards.

Showcase and report on positive impact

After reducing and offsetting your business' carbon footprint, we enter the reporting process. In this phase, we demonstrate and report on your environmental actions and investment in nature to engage your teams, customers, and stakeholders.

Why become carbon neutral?

Becoming a carbon neutral business

Successful companies recognise that taking sustainability action is crucial to long-term success. Take the opportunity to become carbon neutral and contribute to nature and reap the rewards of increased revenue, reduced costs, stakeholder engagement, and reduced risk. At DGB, we provide carbon reduction and offset solutions to organisations worldwide, supporting a wide range of clients from every type of business to governments. In addition, our 'Integrate trees into your business' programme also helps businesses invest in nature on behalf of their clients and employees with unique tree planting services.

Increase your income while reducing costs

Measure your business' high-emission activities and encourage your employees to create new products and services that align with your goals.

Engage your stakeholders and reduce risks

Carbon-neutral services allow you to attract customers, engage stakeholders and reduce your potential future carbon tax risk.

High-quality carbon credits

Verified Emission Reductions

DGB’s carbon and biodiversity credits are validated and verified by third-party verification bodies using leading standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard. Each Verified Emission Reduction (VER) represents one metric tonne of additional, permanent, and otherwise unclaimed CO2 emission reductions or removals, creating a positive environmental and social impact.

We’re here to help you accelerate
your sustainability journey to being 100% carbon neutral

How can you use carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint for your business?

"DGB Group is dedicated to guiding companies through the complex landscape of carbon credits. By assessing carbon footprints, developing reduction strategies, identifying offset opportunities, and managing the procurement process, we enable businesses to take meaningful action in addressing climate change. Together, we can create a more sustainable future while advancing corporate environmental responsibility. Our commitment extends beyond transactional processes. We actively engage with our clients to raise awareness about the significance of carbon credits, the importance of carbon reduction, and the benefits of sustainable business practices."

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Selwyn Duijvestijn
Chief Executive Officer

"We offer businesses the opportunity to effectively utilise carbon credits as a tool to offset their greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global emissions reductions and sustainability goals. Through our comprehensive services, we help companies assess their carbon footprint, develop tailored reduction strategies, identify high-quality carbon offset projects, manage the procurement process, offset residual emissions, and provide transparent monitoring and reporting. By partnering with us, businesses can integrate carbon credits seamlessly into their sustainability initiatives, demonstrate environmental leadership, and make a tangible positive impact."

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Thomas Donia
Director of Operations

Our global projects


million trees being planted


hectares of country scouted


million tonnes of CO₂ to be captured


jobs being created


efficient cookstoves to be distributed

Social and financial investments

How do projects get verified?

As the largest Dutch project developer of nature-based solutions, DGB offers attractive long-term returns through a combination of our extensive expertise and the robust underlying characteristics of our assets. Our premium-quality nature-based projects are all independently verified. 


Pre-feasibility & feasibility studies

In this phase, we assess a potential carbon project's feasibility by analyzing its environmental impact, technology needs, and financial viability.


Project design & validation

We create a detailed project blueprint with carbon reduction/sequestration strategies and goals + validate it against established carbon standards/protocols.


Project development & certification

This phase implements and monitors the project, then obtains certification to ensure it meets carbon reduction and sustainability standards.


Under management

We monitor and adjust the project to maintain its sustainability and carbon reduction objectives throughout its lifetime, ensuring its impact.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offseting is key to balancing your carbon footprint. Purchasing carbon credits is a way for businesses to address emissions they are unable to eliminate. Carbon credits are tradable, certified emissions units/certificates representing quantities of carbon emissions that have been avoided or removed from the atmosphere.
Carbon credits are vital to the business sustainability toolkit and are an essential solution to restoring nature.

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3-Step guide to carbon neutrality
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