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Welcome to a pivotal shift in business sustainability practices. The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) expands upon traditional reporting, compelling companies across Europe to disclose non-financial data that paints a complete picture of their environmental and societal impacts. Discover how you can align your business with the CSRD by downloading our brochure.

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At DGB, we champion proactive environmental stewardship

Why start with sustainability reporting?

Setting your sustainability goals

How are you advancing your environmental objectives? Let us help you measure, track, and achieve your sustainability targets with precision and ease using our innovative solutions.

Aligning with global standards

As businesses worldwide accelerate their environmental efforts, where does your company stand? Our tools are designed to align with global sustainability benchmarks, helping you stay ahead.

Cost-effective action

The journey towards sustainability is becoming a race against time. Acting now is more affordable than you think, and with rising global demand, prices for carbon compensation are set to increase. 

Start small, start now

The path to sustainability doesn't have to be daunting. Our services enable you to start small and expand your environmental strategies as regulations evolve and become more demanding.

Beyond compliance: doing the right thing

This is about more than just meeting regulations. Adopting sustainable practices enhances your brand reputation and connects you with consumers and partners who value ethical responsibility.

Leverage your supply chain

In a world where large corporations are expected to comply with stringent environmental standards, your business will benefit by anticipating these changes and benefitting as a supplier. 

Leveraging CSRD compliance

For businesses, aligning with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) can be a transformative step toward accessing new market opportunities and financial incentives. Compliance with CSRD not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also aligns your business with the growing global demand for transparency in environmental and social governance.

This alignment opens doors to new business partnerships, particularly with larger corporations seeking compliant suppliers to maintain their own sustainability commitments. Moreover, it can make your business more attractive to investors and financial institutions that increasingly favour businesses with robust sustainability practices, potentially leading to better financing conditions and access to sustainability-focused funds. 

Brand reputation

Aligning with CSRD helps you improve your brand reputation by demonstrating your commitment to sustainable practices. This can attract environmentally conscious consumers and those who prefer brands that show corporate responsibility.

Cost savings

Adopting the reporting and operational standards required by CSRD and investing in carbon solutions early can lead to cost savings and operational efficiencies, minimising your environmental impact and aligning cost savings with sustainability.

High-quality solutions

Verified emissions reductions

DGB's innovative solutions, including detailed carbon footprint analysis and strategic carbon unit offerings, empower your business to lead in sustainability. Our carbon units are validated and verified by third-party verification bodies using leading standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard. Each verified carbon unit represents one metric tonne of additional, permanent, and otherwise unclaimed CO2 emission reductions or removals, creating a positive environmental and social impact and contributing to making your business more sustainable.

Helping you become an environmental steward

How does DGB help organisations to reduce their environmental impact?

"At DGB Group, we understand the importance of sustainability and businesses' role in mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss. Trees are essential in carbon sequestration, absorbing harmful CO2 emissions from the atmosphere that contribute to climate change. Our innovative programmes allow businesses to invest in tree-planting initiatives, enabling them to offset their carbon emissions and positively contribute to reforestation efforts around the world. With our help, businesses can take action to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable future for all."

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Selwyn Duijvestijn
Chief Executive Officer

"We are committed to helping organisations effectively reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. At DGB Group, we facilitate the seamless integration of trees into corporate sustainability initiatives. We offer expert guidance and support throughout the process, helping businesses understand the environmental advantages and long-term value of tree planting. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that organisations can make a tangible difference while aligning their carbon reduction goals with their broader sustainability objectives."

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Thomas Donia
Director of Operations

Our global projects


million trees being planted


hectares of country scouted


million tonnes of CO₂ to be captured


jobs being created


efficient cookstoves to be distributed

Start small, start now

Why does it benefit your business to align with the CSRD?

In this brochure, we will walk you through the new CSRD directive and its implications. We also cover reasons why you should align with this directive and the benefits it offers to your business. 

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What is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive?
The importance of sustainability in corporate reporting
Who needs to comply?
What must be reported?
Why should your company align with CSRD?
Why act now?
Becoming sustainable with DGB Group

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