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Leading carbon project developer in ecosystem restoration

​With a boots-on-the-ground approach, DGB is a purpose-driven for-profit organisation focused on bringing excellence to the development and operation of carbon projects.

Our focus areas


Carbon projects

Our carbon projects involve implementing nature-based solutions that remove or avoid carbon emissions, tackling social and environmental challenges.


Biodiversity projects

Our biodiversity projects focus on protecting and restoring ecosystem health and biodiversity, contributing to the wellbeing of ecosystems and environmental resilience.


Plastic projects

Our plastic projects involve removing and recycling plastic (that would otherwise end up in our oceans and environment), contributing to waste reduction and environmental conservation.

The rich tapestry of trees in DGB’s reforestation projects_Tree nursery in Cameroon_visual 3

Who we are

Developer of large-scale
high-quality projects

As a project developer of high-quality, large-scale nature-based projects accredited by leading verification standards, we focus on nature conservation and helping biodiversity flourish by assisting governments and corporations in achieving net zero and investing in nature.

DGB is an energetic, global company listed on the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange with ticker code AEX:DGB.

Trading on Euronext Amsterdam
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Business model

How we do it

DGB is a purpose-driven project developer specialising in nature-based solutions, managing high-quality projects that emphasise ecosystem restoration, conservation, and biodiversity enrichment.


We assist you to understand and commit to environmental improvement


We help you calculate and assess your environmental footprint


We develop environmental solutions and strategies for your business


We help you communicate your progress on sustainability transparently

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