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About DGB Group N.V.

DGB Group is a publicly traded purpose company focused on nature restoreation. We are a project developer of high-quality, large-scale carbon and biodiversity projects accredited by third parties for nature-based solutions.


DGB Group N.V.

DGB is a purpose-driven project developer specializing in nature-based solutions, managing high-quality projects that emphasize ecosystem restoration, conservation, and biodiversity enrichment. Through our projects, products and services, we aid companies in understanding and committing to environmental improvement, assessing their environmental footprint, developing strategies for environmental solutions, and communicating their progress on sustainability transparently.

DGB Group is traded on Euronext Amsterdam. The tickercode is AEX:DGB and the ISIN-code is NL0009169515.

Company overview

DGB Group boasts a global presence with projects spanning various continents, predominantly in Africa presently but poised for expansion worldwide. With employees stationed in over 20 countries, the company embodies an international workforce, reflecting its diverse and widespread operations.

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DGB Group history

DGB Group is a public company trading on Euronext Amsterdam since 1957. With a history in the paper and printing industry, the group transformed over time into an energy conglomerate with a strong focus on renewable energy. In recent years, the focus of its activities shifted towards the sustainability sector and nature-based solutions.



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