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High-tech disruptive approach

We translate ecosystem restoration and nature conservation into ecological assets to make biodiversity flourish and prosper.


Remote sensing

We combine the data from a dense network of on-the-ground sensors, aerial drones and geostationary and orbital satellites, along with machine learning models trained on historical data. This enables DGB to collect extremely high-resolution data to monitor biodiversity, seasonal migrations, and native species of plants, insects, mammals, and birds and to identify critical changes alongside predictions of future activity.

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Artificial intelligence

We have designed and developed our own AI platform, which specialises in geospatial data analysis. The AI can recognise and count trees and label man-made objects and other anomalies. The AI uses machine learning to constantly improve itself for even more accurate and advanced biodiversity analysis.

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Immutable ledger technology

Using state-of-the-art immutable ledger technology, which provides transparent and cryptographically verifiable transaction logs and proprietary remote sensing technologies, our team is creating new tools for how humanity relates to its environment. We are using a completely new class of database which makes data change history immutableit cannot be altered or deleted.

Using cryptography, it verifies the consistency of our data. It uses an immutable transactional log, known as a journal, that tracks each application data change and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes over time. This means we can account for all activities relating to a conservation project.


Blockchain certification standards

We work with blockchain certification standards, which are used to incubate, validate, and maintain nature-based environmental projects. We developed a blockchain-based ecological certification approach to ensure that the initiatives implementing biodiversity and carbon offsets are environmentally sound and truly beneficial for ecosystem restoration.

Our key strategy is to offer world-leading verification, certification, and trading of biodiversity offsets and carbon offsets alongside an ability to offer customers a proven and highly transparent way of developing nature-based solutions effectively at scale.


Drone technology

When planting trees, we have harnessed the latest drone technology, enabling us to deliver quality, scale, speed and high survival rates. We are developing drone technologies that allow us to reforest thousands of hectares in a single planting session, including a GPS-enabled automated-planting system to drive speed and efficiency in the field.


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Greentech solutions

We focus on creating a marketplace for ecosystem restoration and nature conservation project developers to showcase their projects and secure funding as well as for B2B and B2C customers to accumulate offsets or neutralise their footprint.