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Why is DGB a Public Company?

Our strategy is clear and applies across all sectors. From government to business and from investors to the communities we work with: everyone benefits when nature prospers and flourishes. Our cause is public, and our stock listing enables everyone who shares our vision to participate and benefit.

Accelerating growth

Scaling our reforestation efforts requires continuous funding. Our public listing enables the fundraising needed to create the impact we envisage.

High valuation and leveraged effect

Public assets have historically commanded higher average valuations for several reasons, including investors appreciating liquidity and transparency.

Creates liquidity to an illiquid market

Our listing allows investors to supply liquidity while receiving compensation for improving our planetary health. It’s a win-win.

Global publicity

As a publicly traded purpose company, we reach a worldwide audience and enable individual shareholders to participate in our activities.

How to create value for our planet

Help build a greener future

We invest in, manage and develop projects to generate nature compensation through biodiversity and carbon credits.


Learn more from our projects and see how we create value for the planet


Discover how we help corporations to achieve their net zero and sustainability goals


Find out how we create sustainable income for farmers, landowners and communities


Explore our Green Bond and discover the benefits of green investing

We finance, develop and manage on-the-ground projects

As a public company, there is incremental transparency, greater disclosure, clarity, and accuracy in communications with stakeholders. We continue to grow larger and accelerate to achieve planetary goals faster, while our public listing helps accelerate economic growth and provides absolute transparency.

Get in touch

As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on ecosystem restoration, DGB is harnessing market forces and the access to capital needed to accelerate Earth's reforestation rapidly. Reach out to us to learn more about our work.

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