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Planting trees

We preserve and restore nature by planting millions of trees yearly. However, you can start with a handful of seedlings and contribute to a greener future. It takes 30 seconds to schedule planting your next tree! 

We provide all the tools you need for tree planting

Make an impact.
Spread the word.

Planting a tree is a valuable step. However, the true impact comes from consistent and professional care as the tree grows. We want to make impactful tree planting easy and accessible for everyone. So whether you want to neutralise the carbon footprint of your lifestyle, household, or business—we can help you at any scale. We also offer tree subscriptions as meaningful gifts to your loved ones, employees, or clients. 

What does the Green Earth Trees subscription include?

Tangible contribution to nature from your household or business.
Member introduction on our website and newsletters.
Use of our logo for PR and communication purposes.
Opportunity to spread the word via green email signature.

Become a hero today

The impact of your trees

Now with the Green Earth Trees subscription—you can do it too!

Just choose the number of trees you would like to plant. Our ecologists and project managers will plant and take expert care of the seedlings and send weekly progress updates to you. We should, however, act fast.
The time to act is now!

Instead of sending small welcome gifts to our agency clients, we decided to plant trees in their name. Clients loved it; some even stole the idea, but I am all for it!! The customer relations team at DGB helped us to organize it all.

John Schmit
DGB Group__DGB_logo_horizontal Green Earth Plant a Tree Subscriber

I visited my hometown in Africa and saw how soil and forests affect people’s lives, food supply, jobs, etc. I came back to the West Coast and trying to do my part using the Green Earth Trees subscription. It’s the easiest way for me, considering my only houseplant died in a week.

Hilco de Rooij
DGB Group__DGB_logo_horizontal Green Earth Plant a Tree Subscriber
Together with our ecologists, we choose the right trees for each context: fruit, nut, indigenous, and endangered species.

Science-backed tree planting

  • Monthly
  • Annually

1 Tree

per month

The perfect-sized plan for an individual to compensate for their environmental impact every month.
  • 1 tree planted every month
  • 24kg CO2 absorbed every year
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly updates per email
€3.50 per month
or save 17% when you pay annually

2 Trees

per month

The ideal plan for those who travel or fly more than average and want to compensate for their monthly emissions.
  • 2 trees planted every month
  • 48kg CO2 absorbed every year
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly updates per email
€7.00 per month
or save 17% when you pay annually

5 Trees

per month

A great package for families, large groups, or those who are passionate about restoring nature.
  • 5 trees planted every month
  • 120kg CO2 absorbed every year
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly updates per email
€17.50 per month
or save 17% when you pay annually
Would you like to plant a specific number of trees? Send a message to us now to  get it done!

Our global projects


million trees being planted


hectares of country scouted


million tonnes of CO₂ to be captured


jobs being created


efficient cookstoves to be distributed

Much more than a tree

Transparency, quality, and trust

  • The tree-planting locations we use have undergone a rigorous evaluation and satisfy over 33 standards of excellence.
  • We ensure that your trees are planted sustainably and in accordance with the most recent scientific research.
  • To maintain just social and working circumstances, our tree-planting partners follow a strict code of ethics.

We serve your business

  • Our essential beliefs are based on fairness and serving your interests.
  • We impart our knowledge and assist you in understanding the market for planting trees.
  • Our products are plug-and-play. In other words, low implementation cost work on your end to get started fast.