May 26, 2022 13:00 - 14:00 (GMT)

DGB Conference Call - Annual Report 2021 and Q&A

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26th of May: our presentation of the present and the future

In this interactive session, as the largest project developer of carbon credits in The Netherlands, DGB will outline the results of nature conservation projects, company's insights, carbon markets & trends and take a look in the future. The call will take place on the 26th of May at 13:00 (GMT) as a live webinar.

Session will last 1 hour and will be hosted by Selwyn Duijvestijn, CEO of DGB.
  • DGB Annual Report 2021
  • Outlook on 2022
  • Interactive Q&A

Feel free to ask your questions i.e. about our projects and company also what organizations need to do, the costs of offsetting, calculating your carbon footprint and carbon markets via the box above or live during the 1 hour session.

Webinar Agenda

DGB Annual Report 2021

DGB, will outline the results of nature conservation projects, company's insights from gathered in 2021.

Outlook on 2022

Thanks to the knowledge and insights gained, we will be share what awaits us in 2022 in the carbon market.

Carbon Market Trends & Tips

Carbon market financing can help make lower-carbon routes more attractive by reducing risks for investors.

Interactive Q&A

Please, If you have questions, please feel free to ask. 

Hosted by:

Selwyn Duijvestijn

Chief Executive Officer

Selwyn Duijvestijn serves as the CEO at Dutch Green Business (DGB) and is currently the youngest CEO of a public company.

Duijvestijn oversees and works closely with his staff on  financing, human resources and everything in between. The idea of bringing nature conservation and nature protection to the public domain so that people can invest in it is what initially attracted Duijvestijn to the company.

Since stepping into this role, Duijvestijn has championed the redirection of the DGB. Under his leadership, DGB transitioned from being a renewable energy company to a company that focuses solely on nature restoration and nature conservation.

Duijvestijn started actively investing on the stock exchange in 2007. The fierce price movements of the financial crisis meant that active investing quickly translated into active trading. The huge drop and the volatility meant that he could learn a lot in a short time. He now has over 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur and stock market expert in the financial world. The market and its structures are his passion.