July 6, 2023 14:00 (GMT)

DGB Group Annual General Meeting

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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of DGB Group N.V.

As the largest project developer of carbon credits in The Netherlands, DGB will outline the results of nature conservation projects, company's insights, carbon markets & trends and take a look in the future. 

  • DGB Annual Report 2022
  • Organisational restructuring
  • New and revised corporate governance policies
  • Outlook on 2023

Key agenda topics for the AGM include reviewing and adopting the 2022 annual accounts, a presentation about the organisational restructuring, and the financial outlook. The AGM’s full meeting notice, agenda, and explanatory notes thereto, and further AGM materials can be downloaded from DGB’s website (www.green.earth/invest/investor-relations)

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Opening and announcements

(Voting item) Opening, announcements and approval of the minutes of the annual general meeting of shareholders on 5 July 2022.

Annual report 2022

(Discussion item) Including corporate governance. Consideration of the annual report by the Executive Board of the Company for the 2022 financial year.

Adoption of annual accounts 2022

(Voting item). As announced on 30 April 2022, the Executive Board considers it important to inform shareholders of the content of the annual report and annual accounts, although the 2022 annual accounts have not (yet) been provided with an auditor's report. It is proposed to adopt the unaudited annual accounts for the 2022 financial year as drawn up by the Executive Board. 

Allocation of results and financial outlook

(Discussion item) The loss for the 2022 financial year has been deducted from the retained earnings of the company. By acknowledging and discussing this aspect, the meeting aims to provide transparency and accountability regarding the financial performance of the organisation.

Discharge of the members of the Executive Board

(Voting item) It is proposed that the members of the Executive Board be discharged for the fulfillment of their tasks during the 2022 financial year, insofar as such tasks are apparent from the 2022 annual accounts and based on the information otherwise provided to the shareholders.

Presentation about organisational restructuring

Due to the absence of a Public Interest Entity (PIE) audit firm, DGB has been placed on the penalty bench of Euronext Amsterdam. On 13 April 2021, Euronext Amsterdam created a new policy for issuers who fail to appoint a PIE audit firm.

Adoption of new and revised corporate governance policies

(Voting item) Shareholders will vote on new and revised policies in key areas like anti-corruption, employment equality, political engagement, sustainability, remuneration, and health & safety. These changes will shape our corporate governance, ethics, and sustainability efforts to support DGB's goals.

Any other business & closing

It provides an opportunity for attendees to raise relevant topics or questions that are not covered in the main agenda items. By including this section, the meeting aims to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to decision-making.

Message from CEO of DGB Group

Selwyn Duijvestijn

Chief Executive Officer

Dear Shareholders,

I am delighted to invite you to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the DGB Group. As the CEO of DGB, I am immensely proud of the achievements we have made together in our journey towards making the world a better place. This meeting provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on our progress, discuss the results of our nature conservation projects, and share our insights on carbon markets and trends.

At DGB, we are driven by a grand vision of developing and leading large-scale carbon projects that contribute to the well-being of our planet. Our international management team, whom I consider to be true heroes, is dedicated to realizing this vision by spearheading impactful initiatives and ensuring the highest quality standards in our projects.

During this interactive session, we will not only present the results of our nature conservation projects but also provide a glimpse into the future. As the largest project developer of carbon credits in The Netherlands, we are committed to fostering biodiversity and assisting governments and corporations in achieving their net-zero goals through verified emission reduction credits. And I would like to thank our team at DGB, our investors, and all our stakeholders for their continued support and commitment to our mission. We look forward to a prosperous year ahead, where we can continue to make a positive impact on the planet and help biodiversity flourish. 

I sincerely invite you to join us at the meeting, where we will discuss our annual results for 2022, delve into the latest advancements in carbon markets, and engage in productive discussions. Your presence and participation are vital as we work collectively towards a sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.
I look forward to meeting you at the Annual General Meeting of the DGB Group.
Warm regards,

Selwyn Duijvestijn
CEO, DGB Group

A year of solving together

DGB Group annual report of 2022


Annual Report 2022

We start by looking back at 2022. In this part, you will learn about our sustainability strategies, nature conservation projects, and the project insights we gained last year.


A Glimpse into the Future

We briefly look into the future of our company and carbon offsets, the carbon market, and its trends. You will catch what you need to know for your financing options


Carbon Market Trends

See how carbon markets can play an important role in driving the transition to a low-carbon economy by creating financial incentives for companies to reduce their carbon emissions.

Annual report highlights:


Financial Performance

DGB experienced significant growth in forward sales, improving by €1.11 million compared to the previous year, signifying increased demand for verified emission reduction credits and carbon offset projects. DGB reported €1.28 million in revenue, totalling €2.37 million in payments received for carbon credits.


Expanding Project Pipeline

In 2022, DGB effectively developed and managed multiple large-scale carbon and biodiversity initiatives. DGB now has seven projects under management, setup on the framework by leading verification standards. A €21.45 million increase in DGB’s project value led to a total DGB asset value of €27.66 million.


Strategic Partnerships

DGB established new partnerships with governments, businesses, and individuals, solidifying its standing as a reliable partner in the carbon market. The Company now cooperates with stakeholders in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Uganda, and Kenya, broadening its project influence.


Agenda & Explanatory


Power of Attorney


AGM - Notice

DGB Group at a glance

DGB Group made notable progress towards developing and operating high-quality, large-scale carbon and biodiversity projects accredited by leading verification standards. In 2022, we witnessed record funding announcements in verified carbon reduction projects, resulting in over $10 billion worth of investments across more than 65 deals.

We believe that nature-based solutions are essential to net-zero emissions strategies, and corporations worldwide are investing in protecting and restoring natural ecosystems.

As we move into 2023, we see the broader availability of financing options allowing experienced developers like ourselves to upsize their ambitions and execute expansion plans into new project types and adjacent regions.

Current carbon and biodiversity projects
Outlook on 2023
Carbon market trends
The future of the carbon market
DGB Group's role in the market
Financial outlook
New corporate governance policies

Thanks to our global projects:


million trees being planted


million tonnes of CO2 to be captured


hectares of land being restored


jobs to be created


efficient cookstoves to be distributed

"Together, we are making a difference."

"Our projects not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also create positive socio-economic changes. By engaging local communities, we provide job opportunities, training, and new income sources. Our projects empower groups and promote best practices in farm production through workshops. Additionally, the carbon credits generated from our projects are expected to have high value in the market due to their exceptional quality and unique characteristics. We are committed to making a difference in the world by combining environmental conservation with social and economic development. Together, we are making a difference."
Nicholas Wall
Head of New Projects DGB Group

About DGB Group

 We're the largest nature based project developer in the Netherlands

Our vision is to be a leading high-impact investor in sustainably managed forests by providing competitive real investment returns for our shareholders combined with positive social impact. We plan to reforest the world’s land at scale and bring back nature where it cannot come back unaided.