Wednesday, 1st of November, 2023 16:00h

    High-Quality, High-Integrity Nature-Based Carbon Credits under Article 6

    📍Location : The Conduit, 6 Langley St London WC2H 9JA

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    High-Quality, High-Integrity Nature-Based Carbon Credits under Article 6

    We are thrilled to host this live event in London, a momentous event that brings together visionaries and thought leaders in the voluntary carbon market. Our esteemed guest speakers include:

    • Selwyn Duijvestijn (CEO DGB Group): Leading carbon project developer dedicated to ecosystem restoration.
    • Melissa Lindsay (CEO Emsurge): Trailblazing the fastest-growing global platform for bilateral over-the-counter carbon trading and origination.
    • Lev Gantly (Partner Philip Lee LLP): Representing the Best Law Firm 2023 in the Voluntary Carbon Market.
    • Ajay Hoxha (Institutional Investor): A seasoned expert in investment, fostering early-stage managers and contributing philanthropically to global biodiversity.

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    Event agenda

    Opening and Welcome

    Ajay Hoxha will deliver the opening speech, introducing the event's purpose and objectives while acknowledging the esteemed presence of our attendees.

    Decoding Article 6: A Legal Perspective

    Lev Gantly delves into the intricacies of Article 6, shedding light on its legal implications and significance in the carbon market. Drawing from his vast experience at Philip Lee LLP, Lev offers a comprehensive understanding of how Article 6 shapes the voluntary carbon market landscape.

    DGB: Pioneering Sustainable Development

    CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn speaks about how DGB stands as a beacon in the realm of carbon project development in Sub-Saharan Africa, consistently championing ecosystem restoration. 

    DGB's Carbon Credit Mastery: A Portfolio Deep Dive

    DGB’s extensive pipeline encompasses 19 projects, 7 of which are large-scale initiatives actively under development and management, with the remaining in preliminary phases. With an impressive pipeline poised to generate over 44.9 million carbon credits and an annual growth rate of 11% in its carbon credit book, DGB's portfolio is a testament to their leadership in the field. 

    Melissa Lindsay: Revolutionizing Carbon Trading

    Melissa Lindsay is the force behind Emsurge, the rapidly expanding global platform for bilateral over-the-counter carbon trading and origination. Her visionary approach is reshaping the way carbon trading is perceived and conducted, offering a transparent and efficient platform for stakeholders.

    Closing Remarks, Q&A, and Next Steps

    As we conclude, we invite attendees to engage in a closing discussion, address any lingering questions, and raise a glass to the future of sustainable finance. Let's celebrate the insights gained and the connections forged in our shared journey towards a greener tomorrow.


    Selwyn Duijvestijn

    CEO - DGB Group

    The last years have been a testament to the relentless efforts of our team at DGB and our esteemed partners. The anticipated monetisation of our first carbon credits in Q1 2024 signifies a pivotal transition for us—from a company in its developmental phase to one that’s generating substantial revenue. This transition is a culmination of years of diligent work, progress, and development.” CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn will speak at this event about the company's strategy.

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    Melissa Lindsay

    Founder & CEO - Emsurge

    Melissa Lindsay, Founder and CEO of Emstream & Emsurge, revolutionizes commodities trading with a focus on LNG and the Voluntary Carbon Credit marketplace. She actively tackles climate change and political challenges, and is a distinguished member of The Social Venture Circle Market and Founders Pledge. Her ventures provide an innovative platform that streamlines processes in this fast-paced information age.


    Lev Gantly

    Partner - Philip Lee LLP

    Lev will consider if and how nature-based projects are likely to feature under the Article 6 market mechanisms including with reference to the implications for a host country of selling nature-based ITMOs on that host country’s NDC and Net Zero trajectory.


    Ajay Hoxha

    Institutional Investor

    Mr Hoxha began his career in pension fund allocations and later established an incubation firm. Through rigorous screening, he identified and supported eight diverse fund managers across asset classes. His career culminated in setting up and becoming CEO of Hoxha Investments, where he focuses on allocating to early stage managers. Ajay's passion lies in philanthropic tree planting, cycling, and chess, with a particular emphasis on fruit trees for global impact and biodiversity.


    Why attend this event?


    Dive Deep into the project portfolio of DGB

    Get a comprehensive view of the project portfolio from the top AR project developer in Sub-Saharan Africa.


    Demystifying High-Quality AR:

    Understand the significance of premium AR and make informed decisions on which credits to purchase.


    Networking opportunities

    Engage and network with the best in the voluntary markets, opening doors to unparalleled opportunities.


    Mastering Article 6

    Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge about Article 6 carbon credits and stay ahead in the sustainability game.


    Who we are

    We're one of the leading large-scale carbon & biodiversity project developers worldwide

    The scale required for global reforestation efforts is almost unimaginable. For capital markets and private individuals, this creates exciting opportunities. As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on carbon offsetting and nature conservation, DGB sources, develops, and manages large-scale nature-restoration projects.

    We’re striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against deforestation and desertification.

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