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  2. Carbon offsetting project types

How do organisations select the right carbon offset projects to support?

Organisations select appropriate carbon offset projects by considering the following factors that support informed choices on carbon offset projects that align with their sustainability goals:

  • Credibility: Choose projects certified by recognised leading standards like the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.
  • Project type: Consider the project's type, such as reforestation, afforestation, or energy-efficient cookstoves, and how it aligns with your goals.
  • Impacts and co-benefits: Evaluate the project's broader environmental and social benefits and consider its co-benefits, such as job creation, education, and biodiversity restoration. DGB’s projects, for instance, offer many co-benefits in addition to carbon reduction. 
  • Emissions reduction: Prioritise projects that significantly reduce or remove carbon emissions.
  • Transparency: Choose projects with transparent reporting on emissions reductions and project activities.