Tuesday, 2nd April, 2024 15:00 CET

    2023 Annual Report Conference Call


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    Conference Call: 2023 Annual Report

    Join us live for DGB Group's official conference call. In this event, CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn will go over the highlights of our 2023 annual report and answer questions from participants.

    The conference will be held remotely and participants will be able to type in their questions or call in and join the livestream. Register now and join us live on 2 April 2024 at 15:00 CET.

    Reflecting on DGB's performance last year, the CEO, Selwyn Duijvestijn, remarked, "2023 marked another year of financial and operational growth for us. We witnessed our forward carbon credit sales surge to €1.6 million, a clear testament to the robust demand for verified carbon credits, even ahead of our first credit issuance. The expansion of our project portfolio resulted in a €23.67 million increase in project value, elevating DGB's total asset value to €29.1 million. We have been building a great pipeline with scheduled annual credit issuances for the next decade. Looking ahead, 2024 will be marked by the first issuance of carbon credits from our projects, a significant milestone that highlights the maturity of our development and the transformative impact of our projects. This moment has been four years in the making, and here we are at the breakthrough we've been aiming for; it will be a significant milestone for us.”



    Dive into the opening segment of our conference, hosted by Pedro Zimmer from DGB. You'll receive clear instructions on how to navigate the platform and participate in the conference call. This segment ensures that all attendees are well-prepared to engage fully with the upcoming presentations and discussions.

    A word from the CEO

    Selwyn Duijvestijn, CEO of DGB Group, will share insights and reflections on the company's journey, achievements, and strategic direction. Expect a compelling overview of DGB's impact on the environment, its contributions to global sustainability efforts, and a vision for the future. This presentation is designed to provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of DGB's values, goals, and the driving force behind its initiatives.


    Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with DGB's leadership through a live Q&A session. Participants are encouraged to either type in their questions or call in to join the conference live. This interactive portion of the event is your chance to seek clarity, offer feedback, and gain additional insights into DGB's operations, future projects, and environmental impact.

    Final thoughts

    To conclude the conference, DGB will offer final reflections on the discussions of the day and share exciting announcements about upcoming events and initiatives.

    Host & Speakers

    Pedro Zimmer

    Head of Events and Resources

    Selwyn Duijvestijn

    Chief Executive Officer

    Thomas Donia

    Director of Technical Operations

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    Who we are

    We're one of the leading large-scale carbon & biodiversity project developers worldwide

    The scale required for global reforestation efforts is almost unimaginable. For capital markets and private individuals, this creates exciting opportunities. As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on carbon offsetting and nature conservation, DGB sources, develops, and manages large-scale nature-restoration projects.

    We’re striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against deforestation and desertification.

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