Thursday, May 02 2024 15:30 CET

Live webinar: The Power of High-Quality Carbon Projects—Kenya


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Live webinar: The Power of High-Quality Carbon Projects—Kenya

High-quality, nature-based carbon projects are a powerful tool for a greener, more sustainable planet. In this webinar series, we'll dive into projects that set themselves apart by making a holistic impact on the environment, local communities, and biodiversity.

For the first episode of this series, join us live with guest speaker Haron Wachira, our Project Director in Kenya, to gain an in-depth understanding of our current initiatives in Kenya: The Hongera Reforestation Project and the Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project.

Besides covering the projects' primary objective of capturing carbon, we'll also explore the vital additional benefits these initiatives offer, such as community development, job creation, local training, biodiversity protection, and air quality improvement. These benefits are crucial for the holistic success of these projects, which help us create a sustainable model that supports both the environment and local populations.

This webinar is your opportunity to learn first-hand about the impacts and benefits of our high-quality, nature-based carbon projects in Kenya.

Join us live on Thursday, 2 May 2024.



In this presentation, host Pedro Zimmer will quickly introduce both projects, their objectives, and current timelines. We'll also learn about and meet our guest speaker, Project Director Haron Wachira.

About Hongera

In this segment, Haron will explore what was rural Kenya like before he started working with carbon projects. What was the local economy like, what opportunities did the local population have, and what were the challenges.

Benefits and results

We'll explore what has changed, what benefits the local population is enjoying after the implementation of our carbon projects in the region, how local life improved, and what is still possible for the future.


Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Haron. Questions can be sent in advance or asked during the live stream.

Host & Speaker

Pedro Zimmer

Head of Events and Resources

Haron Wachira

Project Director Kenya

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