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    Show the commitment of your business to the environment!

    Each individual tree removes up to 1.7 kilos of pollution every year. With this guide you will learn more about how can you use trees for your business.

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    Explore how to integrate trees into your business!


    Learn why trees are important for your business

    What's inside?


    How trees help with air pollution?

    Forests cover 32% of the world's terrestrial ecosystems and provide many ecosystem services, climate change mitigation.


    A social impact with forests

    Forests may generate social values, or be connected with people’s lives, in ways that contribute to or deduct from, social well-being.


    Scalable technology we have

    Data showed that trees benefited health by acting as a physical filter, absorbing polluting gases with their leaves and trapping dust in the air.

    Why are trees important for your business?

    What will you gain from this ebook?

    Trees are vital. As the largest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. Learn about why trees are important and explore new ways on how to integrate them into your business in our ebook.  

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    How trees help with water resources?
    Why forests are needed for biodiversity
    Reforestation is needed to purify the air
    Why trees are natural air purifiers
    Forest management and yield
    Trees for carbon dioxide emissions
    Forests work against aridity

    Learn why are trees important for your business

    Why we created this guide?

    "Our vision is to be a leading high-impact investor in sustainably managed forests by providing competitive real investment returns for our shareholders combined with positive social impact. In this book, we have compiled how important afforestation is for human life and how businesses can take more responsibility in this regard, by making use of globally recognized research for businesses and organizations and the work of scientists."

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    Selwyn Duijvestijn
    Chief Executive Officer

    "In DGB, we manage and develop projects to generate nature compensation in the form of biodiversity offsets and carbon offsets. With this e-book, we with our ecologists, project managers, and researchers want to give what we have learned from our carbon offsetting projects back to the community. We want to raise awareness to help businesses live sustainably, take action to their net zero goals for the planet."

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    Oscar van Duin
    Impact Consultant

    Invest with us

    Participate with us in the project

    As a largest carbon credit project developer in The Netherlands, DutchGreen Business is a large-scale carbon sequestration project developer that specializes in generating carbon offsets from its sustainability managed nature base solutions. 



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    Investor Deck Index

    Developing large scale projects
    Rapidly growing carbon markets
    Expanding net-zero awareness
    Advanced technology for reforestration
    Rising demand for green products
    +$1 billion transaction value
    Invest in nature-based solutions

    Any other help?

    We can help your company become more sustainable by allowing you to integrate trees into your business.