8% ROI with Social and Environmental Impact

Nature, biodiversity, and CO2 emissions are the themes of this moment. With DGB’s Green Bonds, you can invest in a sustainable economy and benefit from these trends in the coming years. Download our Investor Deck to find out more about this opportunity.

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Why should you invest in our projects?

Receive Financial Returns through Social and Environmental Impact


420 Million Hectares

31% of the earth’s surface, approximately 4.06 billion hectares, is covered by forests. This number is steadily declining as over 420 million hectares of forest have been lost since 1990. 

1 Million Species

Scientists estimate that over 1 million species will be lost by 2050. If we continue down this path, one in ten animals and plants will be extinct by 2050. 

1.6 Billion Human Life

Deforestation and forest degradation impact the lives of 1.6 billion people whose livelihoods depend on forests. One billion of them are among the world’s poorest.

Long-term Capital Appreciation for Shareholders

DGB sources, develops and manages a diversified portfolio of large-scale reforestation projects. We invest in sustainable nature-based solutions, building an attractive portfolio that combines income yield and capital appreciation. These projects generate biodiversity credits and carbon credits and help companies reach net zero. Our projects are verified by independent third-party auditors and develop both long-term capital appreciation and an attractive and sustainable income yield.

A sustainable and diversified portfolio

We combine capital appreciation with income yield in a sustainable and diversified portfolio to deliver long-term real returns to our shareholders

Social impact with financial returns

Alongside generating attractive returns, green investing significantly impacts the local economies surrounding our nature-based projects. 

Good for the Planet and your Portfolio

Why should you invest in Green Bonds from DGB?

"Our vision is to be a leading high-impact investor in sustainably managed forests by providing competitive real investment returns for our shareholders combined with positive social impact. Investing in nature has proven an attractive alternative asset for long-term investors, as it provides the opportunity to benefit from the value of a naturally growing commodity and the security of ownership of the underlying land. This allows for; income stream from carbon credits from the forest Long-term capital appreciation in a sustainable and tax-efficient manner."

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Selwyn Duijvestijn
Chief Executive Officer

"Carbon credits, the permissions to emit carbon and other greenhouse gases, have been one of the best-performing commodities over the past five years. European carbon prices nearly tripled in 2021. Many think prices can still go higher. As these benefits become more recognized and valued, they are seen by investors as financial returns that outperform investments in traditional companies. Nature Based solutions are sustainable real asset that both diversifies an investment portfolio provides exposure to forestry and underlying land value growth opportunities."

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Thomas Donia
Chief Operating Officer

What we’ve achieved with our Global Projects


Million Trees Being Planted


Ha of Land to be Restored


Tons of CO2 to be Captured


Local Jobs to be Created

Invest in a sustainable future. 8% return on your impact investment.

Social and Financial Investments

How do projects get verified?

As the largest Dutch project developer of nature-based solutions, DGB offers attractive long-term returns through a combination of our extensive expertise and the robust underlying characteristics of our assets. Our premium-quality carbon projects are all independently verified by Verra. 


Feasibility Study

A team of ecologists and biologists run a feasibility study on the land.


Project Design

Project managers design the project and set up the scope and timelines


Verra Verification

We submit the project plan to Verra for verification.


Sell Credits

The carbon offset is verified and sold through carbon credits.

Invest with us

Participate in our Projects

DGB is the world’s publicly traded purpose-built company focused on carbon offsets and nature conservation. We are a large-scale carbon sequestration project developer specializing in carbon offsets from sustainability-led nature-based solutions. We create economically viable solutions and offer the opportunity to participate in these projects. 

Investor Deck Index

Timeline of projects and expected returns
Rapidly growing carbon offsetting prices
Expanding net-zero awareness
Advanced technology for reforestration
Monitoring the projects and risk plans
Forestation methodology
Validation process

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How high is the impact of these projects and how is their impact measured?

Our projects in Sub Saharan East and West Africa can create the highest impact and therefore generate high quality offsets for investors. There is potential to scale up substantially for both Kenya and Cameroon projects for which we have secured the land. They can also generate exaggerated social impact per dollar invested due to the low development base and lack of available capital. The long standing relationship we have established with local partners in those regions, ensures the sustainability of the impact generated and the strength of returns. Impact is measured based on additionality of the projects, as if what would have happened if such projects didn’t take place.

2- How nature conservation projects make an impact on people’s life in local communities?

We work on a revenue sharing basis with the local communities and by planting fruit trees alongside native species, we create a source of revenue for them. Our nature based projects also create jobs for the locals and provide training for them by fostering a strong relationship with them and the local partners.

3- What are the risks associated with the projects (country risk etc.) and how we manage them?

We establish a go-no go framework with the technical team from the start of a project when we decide on the work undertaken. This planning document provides all the potential threats and risks that we may encounter throughout the project. And action scenarios based on these, are determined with all our stakeholders and included in the framework. This ensures all the potential risks are identified and managed accordingly. Risk Management and monitoring are a critical part of the process we follow to ensure the ongoing success of the projects. 

4- What is a typical investment structure per each project?

We provide flexibility on how we structure the investment and have identified 3 main structures as per investor’s interest:

1. Offtake Agreement on the carbon credits
2. Investment in a SPV at project - level
3. Investment on Group - level - Convertible green bonds