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James Eaton

James Eaton founded Climate Investment Partners LLC after working for 13 years developing and implementing forest carbon offset projects around the world. In the role of CEO, Jamie leads Climate Investment Partners' engagement with local conservation organisations, private landowners, and community-owned lands to support environmental conservation efforts. By creating value for natural ecosystems and managed lands through the pursuit of conservation finance, Jamie and Climate Investment Partners are able to achieve forest conservation and ecosystem restoration successes while delivering climate mitigation benefits in the Natural Climate Solution space.

Jamie has extensive experience in the fields of forest ecology, geographic information systems, soil biogeochemistry, land-use change science, and tropical ecology. He is passionate about using ecosystem markets and conservation tools to improve, conserve and protect native plants, wildlife and fish habitats, and natural ecosystems. Since 2008, Jamie has led the planning and design and assisted with the implementation of conservation projects which have conserved over a million acres of land worldwide. These ecosystem service projects work with local communities and landowners to provide financing, which enables these stakeholders to protect and conserve natural lands. While many of these projects have been in the realm of voluntary and compliance carbon mitigation projects, he has also developed nutrient banks, wetland mitigation banks, and stream mitigation banks.
Jamie hails from the mid-west United States but moved to Virginia after completing a BA in Biology from Saint Louis University. He obtained a MS in Environmental Science with a specialisation in Carbon Dynamics in Tropical Forests from the University of Virginia, after spending three summers battling mosquitos while measuring biomass and soils in the dry tropical forests of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
Jamie enjoys the challenge of making conservation projects work on the ground. His conservation project development and research experience has been global in scale including work in Brazil, the Caribbean, Chile, China, Ecuador, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda, throughout the United States, and Zambia.
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