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Advisory Board Member

Roderick Thackray

Roderick has been at the forefront of several new technologies and industries over the decades, including the Internet, the renewable energy sector, medical cannabis and the use of psychedelic formulations in treatment of anxiety and depression.

Roderick has a proven track record of success steering innovative investment management for high net-worth partners, in particular family offices and investment houses. Strong expertise in advisory services, Non-Exec roles, portfolio management and relationship management while leveraging existing networks. Roderick is a seasoned professional in change management with innate talent for building collaborative relationships among internal and external stakeholders by valuing diverse cultures, styles and personalities, deep expertise across multiple asset classes and demonstrable commitment to excellence. 

As a manager of businesses Roderick has built and sold businesses in multiple sectors, in particular in the hotel/hospitality sector from 2008 to 2016, the property sector over many decades and other corporate sectors.

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Who we are

We're one of the leading carbon & biodiversity offset companies globally

We are a project developer of high quality large-scale carbon and biodiversity projects accredited by third-parties.

We’re striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against deforestation and desertification.

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