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Tamar Van Heesewijk

Director of Corekees

After her cousin Nick van Heesewijk introduced her to the concept of growing Pongamia trees for biofuel production, Tamar quickly became enthralled by the opportunities it presented. Thanks to their exceptionally high oil percentage, Pongamia nuts can be harvested to create Pongamia oil. After refining, this oil becomes a fourth-generation biofuel capable of powering vehicles, ships and aircraft. Together with Nick, Tamar founded Corekees, a sustainable investment firm built on the conviction that sustainability needs to be profitable to actually be sustainable. Corekees' first accomplishment was opening up the Pongamia market for private individuals by partnering with Investancia, South America’s leading Pongamia propagation company.

Tamar serves as Corekees CFO and has extensive experience in finance. She studied Business Economics and obtained a Master’s degree in Financial Economics (cum laude) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During her studies, Tamar acquired financial experience at the NIBC Bank. After graduation, she started her career with a management traineeship at KPMG where she worked in the Corporate Finance department for several years before founding Corekees. Tamar lives in Rotterdam and enjoys playing soccer, cycling and running.


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We’re striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against deforestation and desertification.

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