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Fabrizio Vaccaro

Chief of Staff

Fabrizio Vaccaro was born in the southern part of Italy, surrounded by areas of untouched natural beauty. Growing up, he developed a deep appreciation for the environment and its preservation. As a young adult, he discovered the art of bonsai and was inspired by the works of Masahiko Kimura, a renowned Japanese bonsai master. This led him to develop a keen interest in Japanese culture, including martial arts like Aikido and Karate.

At the age of 17, he achieved the level of Dive Master and completed over 200 dives in the Mediterranean Sea. His love and connection with the sea only grew stronger over time, and he eventually spent three years volunteering for the Coast Guard, protecting the coast against illegal fishing activities. Fabrizio went on to have a successful career in management, working for top companies such as Maxim, ExCeL London, and Baxter Research. However, he always felt a void in his life due to the lack of connection with nature. He dreamed of working for a company that had a mission to restore and protect nature worldwide.

His dream finally came true when he discovered DGB, a company committed to creating a better world by promoting sustainable practices and environmental conservation. For Fabrizio, working at DGB is not just a job but a personal duty to make the world a better place. His favorite tree is the giant sequoia from Yellowstone National Park, and he is excited to use his skills and expertise to contribute to the company's vision of restoring the environment to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Fabrizio Vaccaro

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