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Niels van Houdt

Director of Finance

Niels van Houdt joined DGB Group in 2022 as the Director of Finance, initiating a new chapter in his career and opening a pathway to an opportunity that resonates with his values and aspirations. The chance to work for a company deeply committed to fostering sustainability is a realisation of his long-held ambitions.

Niels is excited to contribute to an organisation that integrates sustainability into its core principles, prioritising a greater purpose. Recognising the inherent value in aligning professional pursuits with personal values, Niels eagerly channels his skills toward a mission that extends beyond the boardroom, fostering a greener, more sustainable future.

Before joining DGB Group, Niels served as the Finance Director within the real estate sector, as well as senior management roles within the financial sector.

In his spare time, Niels enjoys spending time with his children, running in the forest, and swimming.

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