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Rieks Bosch

Rieks Bosch is a solution-driven, senior-level expert with 30+ years of first-hand knowledge and experience in integrated natural resource governance, climate change adaptation, and human resource development.

He is experienced in a wide scope of related fields like (climate-smart) agriculture, rural development, nature protection, water resources, coastal and marine management, transport, drinking water, energy and other sectors. He is involved in policy and strategy development on an international level and institutional development, with a focus on sustainable economic development and integration of sectors by win-win situations, linking (inter)national policy and strategy with local development. Blue and green economic development and sustainable investment preparation belong to his core experience.

Rieks has experience as a private consultant to international entities in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Southern America. He produced several climate change scoping studies and reviews in Central Asia, South Asia, the Black Sea region, South Caucasus, and South America. He has also facilitated 20+ years of governmental decision-making, priority outputs, and consultation among stakeholders. For several countries, he prepared national/sectoral programmes on climate change resilience and green and blue economic development.

He is a results-producing project manager with extremely versatile communication, multicultural leadership, and problem-resolution skills used to advance diverse organisations beyond individual conflicts to meet wide-ranging economic, environmental, and community development goals.

He is a flexible contributor, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a monitor/evaluator, advisor, project manager, and team leader while working for such entities as EuropeAid, EBRD, ADB, World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, GIZ, KfW, SDC. He is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue) and English and is conversant in Russian and German.

Rieks Bosch

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