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Carbon Project Financing

Discover opportunities to finance our carbon projects. As a leading large-scale carbon & biodiversity project developer, we know what it takes to source, develop and manage profitable large-scale reforestation projects. 

Invest in nature-based solutions

The world is in the midst of a green transition that is rapidly gaining traction on a global scale. As a developer of nature-based solutions and large-scale CO2 compensation projects, DGB is positioned in the right sector at the right time for significant growth.

Global coverage

We’re currently developing five projects with 9 million trees contracted for planting. These projects are expected to originate 16,900,000+ tonnes of CO2 credits during their lifetime.

Market forces

To meet the goals of the UN Paris Climate Agreement, the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets predicts that by 2050 the market must grow by a factor of 100 to meet demand.

Calling all project financiers

Are you a project financer looking for carbon finance projects? Reach out to us to learn more about our projected cash flows and the scaling option of our carbon projects.


Data-driven green investments

We develop data-driven reforestation projects that enable your organisation to deliver on its ESG strategy. Reach out to us to learn more about our methods and how we put your sustainable finance to work.


We develop and manage on-the-ground projects to generate nature compensation in the form of high-quality carbon and biodiversity credits

A quality offset credit represents at least one metric tonne of additional, permanent, and otherwise unclaimed CO2 emission reductions or removals and creates positive environmental and social impact. Our credits are validated and verified by independent third-party certification bodies.

Collaborate with us to finance carbon projects at scale

We’re one of the leading carbon offset companies globally. Our team of dedicated and experienced foresters, ecologists and investment managers are ready to deploy your carbon finance for maximum impact and return.

Get in touch

As the world’s first publicly traded purpose company focused on ecosystem restoration, DGB is harnessing market forces and the access to capital needed to accelerate Earth’s reforestation rapidly. Reach out to us to learn more about our work.

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