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How to Become a Carbon Neutral Business

DGB helps companies to measure, compensate and reduce their carbon footprint. We help them improve their sustainability and achieve their net zero goals. 

Why Becoming Carbon Neutral is Important

The world and customer preferences are changing in tandem. This kind of progress is an unstoppable force that creates incredible opportunities. Here's why becoming carbon neutral is beneficial to your company: 

Secure Investment

Today's investors are people who are aware of nature and sustainability. They see the changing habits of consumers as a trend and position their portfolios accordingly.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reducing your carbon emissions will optimise your organisation's production and operating costs. 

Future Clients

Changing consumer behaviours and the preference for eco-friendly products have encouraged many brands to develop new strategies. We all know that consumers no longer just buy a product; they buy a vision. 

Green Business

Brands that can adapt to the changes of their buyers and their current markets will always be relevant and in vogue. 

For the Next Generation

Research shows that Millennials and Generation Z think differently about business. To engage future generations, companies must provide a purpose.  

New Opportunities Coming

Climate change isn't just a crisis. Every threat also presents an opportunity. Catch this trend to ensure your business will still be there in the future. 

Becoming carbon neutral in 4 steps

How to Become a Certified Carbon Neutral Company

The best way to start a sustainability journey is by first reducing carbon emissions and then offsetting any residual emissions to become carbon neutral. Follow these four simple steps to take action today. 



This is the essential first step of your net-zero journey. Answer a few simple questions about your business and operations, and map your current environmental impact before progressing to the next step.  



Based on your data, our Impact Consultants will draft the plans and strategies needed to reduce your carbon emissions. After finalising these, you will be ready to start your carbon offsetting process. 



In this phase, you purchase verified biodiversity offsets from our verified carbon projects based on your company's data and reduction strategy. 



Good things deserve a celebration! Share your successes with customers, suppliers and employees and inspire others to create impact too. 

Carbon Neutral Companies

Get inspired by companies that are implementing sustainability strategies to offset their carbon emissions.

We make your sustainability journey easy

We design, develop and manage on-the-ground carbon projects to generate nature compensation for businesses & organisations

We are actively restoring nature worldwide in as many ways as possible. From Paraguay to Cameroon, our net zero projects aim to prevent deforestation and give us a greener, more biodiverse, more resilient world. 

Doing so, we work closely with companies, investors and local communities. We provide social benefits in the field and transparently report the sustainability journey of all stakeholders throughout the process. 

Carbon Neutrality Articles

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