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DGB speaks about biodiversity at Financial Times Climate Capital

Today, biodiversity offsets verified biodiversity protection, and ecosystem services constitute a significant potential for businesses and communities. Our CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn at the Financial Times Climate Capital Live Conference about the importance of biodiversity.


Source: Financial Times Climate Capital Live Conference 2022

Financial Times Climate Capital

FT Climate Capital Live 2022 is a platform for politicians, business leaders and financiers to evaluate the risks and opportunities they face in light of the climate crisis. Providing actionable insights on how regulatory changes, business strategies and innovative financing structures are moving the world forward to achieve net-zero goals and rapidly reduce GHG emissions through action rather than talk.

Building on the success of the 2021 event, FT Climate Capital Live is growing to reflect the scale of the climate challenge. Speakers and attendees will be able to join in person in London or virtually online.

Biodiversity: how to turn a threat into an opportunity?

Dwindling biodiversity is a marker of our failure to combat climate change, but too often it is overlooked as not only a mitigation solution but also an adaptation solution.

Using nature based solutions such as preserving and restoring forests, peatlands and wetlands and other natural carbon stores can offset residual emissions from other sectors. But also planting mango farms in areas of high flood risk can reduce the occurrence of floods.

Read about: What is biodiversity and why is it important for life?

The speakers for this panel discussion are:


This session will look at what are the latest nature based solutions? How can they secure more funding to scale up? Why do we often overlook nature as the solution to climate change?

Find out how you can make a positive impact on ecosystems

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