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Corekees’ Project Beehive: saving bees and supporting farmers in Kenya

Project Beehive represents a unique and sustainable initiative in Kenya developed by Corekees. The project aims to promote biodiversity, empower local farmers, and contribute to the preservation of bees. 

Corekees’ Project Beehive_ Corekees team and local farmers checking honeycombs in a beehouse in Kenya_visual 1Corekees team and local farmers checking honeycombs in a beehouse in Kenya.

Project Beehive involves the distribution of 1,000 beehives to farming communities in Kenya, accompanied by comprehensive training for farmers in beekeeping. The initiative aims to provide farmers with an additional source of income through the sale of honey, wax, and propolis. This approach not only benefits local communities but also enhances pollination in a 5-square-kilometre radius, supporting biodiversity.

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Each beehive yields approximately 8 kilograms of sustainably produced honey annually, contributing to Kenya's local market and hospitality sector. Investors can participate by investing €103.00 per hive, with a seven-year repayment plan. Project Beehive incorporates a Table Banking Arrangement, a microfinance system where borrowers act as joint guarantors. This financial strategy reduces the risk of default and promotes sustainable beekeeping practices.

Project Beehive's significance lies in its potential to increase farmers' income, ensure vital pollination for food crops, and play a vital role in preserving bee populations, which are declining worldwide.

Bees are crucial for biodiversity. They play a key role in pollinating plants. Their impact also extends beyond pollination, as they are an essential part of the food chain. Project Beehive contributes to the overall health of ecosystems by safeguarding bee populations.

Project Beehive offers an opportunity to invest in sustainable beekeeping, supporting farmers and contributing to biodiversity. Get involved in this transformative initiative and be a part of this vital conservation effort.

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