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Saudi Arabia's green pledge: a $92 billion investment for Riyadh

In a groundbreaking announcement at the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) Forum during COP28, Princess Haifa Bint Muhammad, the Saudi Vice Minister of Tourism, unveiled plans for Riyadh's metamorphosis into one of the most sustainable cities by 2030. The focal point of this transformation is a staggering $92 billion investment earmarked for the Expo 2030 project.

Saudi Arabias green pledge_ a $92 billion investment for Riyadh_Landscape view of Riyadh city_visual 1Landscape view of Riyadh city. AI generated image.

Princess Haifa stressed the significance of sustainable urban development and highlighted the King Salman Park Initiative as a pivotal component. This initiative aims to infuse more green spaces into the heart of Riyadh, enhancing the city's environmental profile.

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At the forum, Saudi Minister of Transportation Saleh Al-Jasser outlined the Kingdom's commitment to decarbonising urban transport. Initiatives include the implementation of remote work in government agencies, reducing the demand for daily travel. A set of targets has been set to boost the share of public transport, with ongoing projects like the Riyadh bus and metro systems taking precedence. 

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Additionally, Saudi Arabia has positioned itself as a pioneer in international efforts to offset carbon emissions in aviation. Participating in carbon offsetting and reduction schemes, the Kingdom is at the forefront of global endeavours to make air travel more environmentally sustainable.

In the pursuit of net zero, carbon offsetting's pivotal role cannot be overstated. This exploration highlights its environmental, economic, and social benefits, fostering a path towards nature preservation and a thriving planet. DGB's global projects, with over 31.2 million trees to be planted, 250,000 hectares of land to be restored, and a commitment to capture 60+ million tonnes of CO₂, actively shape a sustainable future. Through these initiatives, organisations can balance their environmental impact, contributing to the restoration and preservation of our planet with DGB's verified carbon credits.

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