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Swiss climate venture operator launches revolutionary biochar company in Mexico

The Next 150, a Switzerland-based climate venture operator, introduced General Biochar Systems (GBS), a biochar company that produces high-quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits. The newly inaugurated plant in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, will commence processing agricultural waste from corn, wheat, and sorghum in July 2023.

Revolutionary biochar company in Mexico_Mexican man holding maize dried corn cobs_visual 1Man holding maize dried corn cobs, Mexico.

The Next 150, in collaboration with strategic partner Kemexon, is investing up to $5 million in carbon capture projects. The Irapuato plant marks the initial phase of its commitment to waste valorisation and climate technology initiatives in Mexico.

GBS employs its own advanced pyrolysis technique to create biochar by subjecting biomass to high temperatures in a controlled oxygen-depleted environment. This process mineralises the carbon content of the biomass. The utilisation of biochar facilitates the generation of CDR credits through long-term storage applications like sustainable agriculture and construction. Registration and issuance of these credits will occur on Puro.Earth, a carbon crediting platform owned by Nasdaq, specialised in engineered carbon removal.

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In cooperation with the Secretary of the Environment (SMAOT), the Government of the State of Guanajuato, and the Irrigation District 011, the Irapuato plant will benefit over 23,000 farmers across more than 110,000 cultivated hectares. With an annual waste processing capacity of 20,000 tonnes, the facility will convert the waste into 6,000 tonnes of biochar, along with valuable byproducts such as bio-oil and hydrogen. Over the next decade, this project is expected to capture 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, making it Mexico's largest biochar initiative.

Maria Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, the Guanajuato State Secretary of the Environment, emphasised during the GBS Irapuato inauguration that ‘with companies like GBS, the region thrives on the purpose of migrating from manufacture to mindfacture, as innovation works for society and the environment equally.’

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GBS's expansion strategy aims to align stakeholders' interests throughout the agricultural supply chain. By opening three additional high-tech biochar plants in 2024, GBS will further advance carbon technology, create more job opportunities, and expand its social and environmental impact in Mexico and Latin America.

The adoption of nature-based solutions presents a reliable path for carbon capture. At DGB Group, our commitment lies in designing and implementing these solutions on a large scale. Through fostering partnerships among governments, local communities, and investors, we make a meaningful difference in preserving our planet's irreplaceable natural assets, ensuring a better future for generations to come. Together, let us strive towards a future that is sustainable and resilient.

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