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These documentaries will change the way you look at this planet

If there is one sure thing, the ground we're walking on hides the abundant biodiversity within. If you're a nature aficionado who's been wondering what's going on deep under the soil's surface, you will love this read. 

Here we have a lovely list of six reformative soil documentaries so that you can learn all you need about the abundant world of flora and fauna beneath your feet. Some of those you have maybe already seen, but we're pretty sure you'll find something utterly fresh to your perspective. This world's nature works are wondrous in their perfection and peculiarity. 

It's the same with the very thing supporting human life—the soil, a large medium housing more life than you could ever imagine. Moreover, the ground saves all of the evolutionary histories from our Earth's inception. 

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1. Kiss the Ground (2020)

Did you know that we could start to reverse climate change with biosequestration? But unfortunately, the invaluable soil is almost empty of microbes because agriculture uses chemicals in its operations. 

However, with revolutionary technology it's possible to restore the damaged biodiversity by putting CO2 into living plants and back into the ground for regeneration. Kiss the Ground will show you how.

2. The Biggest Little Farm (2019)

A particular couple's life work is a jewel of inspiration for those living as green as possible, even more so for those looking to move to the country and live in alignment with nature. John and Molly Chester made a farm with livestock, a myriad of plants, and wildlife. The goal was to create a peaceful and harmonious life intertwined with nature. 

Sure, there were obstacles and challenges, but the couple was set on their journey and fulfilled their dream. No doubt, the latter required lots of hard work and effort, but it's an adventure of a lifetime for John and Molly. 

However, there was a considerable investment in helping the couple, but their story is still deeply inspiring. This documentary shows what you can do if you step out of your comfort zone and get creative. 

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3. A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement, David Attenborough (2020)

If by any chance you still haven't seen Attenborough's masterpiece, we guarantee it will shake you to your bones. David has seen it all; all the destruction wildlife has endured. So naturally, therefore, the legendary documentarist made sure to show us exactly how damaged our ecosystem is and that there's little time to save our home. 

However, humans can still save the Earth, and Attenborough motivated us to fix the most harmful mistake ever made. The key is to love and understand our nature before it's too late.

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4. To Which We Belong (2021)

'To which we belong' speaks about the soil's erosion and oxidation once people started exploiting the vast grasslands with natural carbon sinks. But unfortunately, agriculture has completely changed the ground underneath, destroying those sinks. 

The film clearly shows how farming has damaged the grassland once abundant with carbon, speaking volumes to those living off the soil. Whether farmers or landowners, people need to watch this documentary and think about how each of us can help regenerate our precious Earth. 

5. 2040: JOIN the REGENERATION (2019)

True, it's five until midnight when it comes to saving our planet. However, with the well-spring of innovations and groundbreaking technology, it's possible to reverse the process. This documentary will show you just that and fill you with hope and appreciation for the brilliant human mind. 

Moreover, this film shows how far we could reach with our science, imagination, and creativity. 2040 also underlines the ability of every human on Earth to join in the efforts. 

It's all about us humans capable of drastically changing the course to secure a clean and safe future for the next generations. 

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6. Fantastic Fungi

The world of fungi is marvelous, and this film will show you just how much. Unfortunately, human knowledge of mushrooms is still tiny. It's a shame since these incredible organisms have a profound connection with soil and nature. Moreover, mushrooms are impactful species connected with other organisms and communities. 

Mushrooms mainly consist of mycelium, which grows below and holds valuable information and connection to the whole communities of other living organisms. The film depicts mushrooms' influence on the soil and shows how it's all connected and intertwined.


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