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Ecosystems and their role in the food chain

Everything in our world is connected. There is not an environmental issue that could be talked about that isn’t connected to another environmental issue.

We all have an effect on one another and it is important to know this as we begin tackling important topics.

This article will look at how the ecosystems around us are connected to the food chain and the important role they play. 

Providing energy

The food chain is essentially a giant circle. It all affects one another. Another way to describe this a food web which represents a feeding relationship within a system.

It is important to note this as it means that all the food within a food chain is connected.

Some food supports the other food by being consumed by those at the top of the food chain.

This in turn helps provide those at the top of the food chain get the energy they need to go on. It helps to define the predator-prey relationship and involves species of all various shapes and sizes. 

Demonstrates complexity 

Ecosystems are not always straight forward. They are complex systems that have many different layers and many different parts.

Because of this, it is sometimes hard to know how the different layers will interact. However, if we examine ecosystems through their role in the food chain, it can become easier to see how this system plays out.

We can see that there is a hierarchy to an ecosystem in most cases and the ones who are towards the top are normally benefitting from those who are classified towards the bottom.

However, this doesn’t signify significance. Every single part of the system has an important role to play. 

Shows significance of all parts 

There is not a single un-important role in ecosystems. All of it matters and it is when we start to think that one part might not matter as much that we encounter issues.

If one part begins to die down, then the whole ecosystem can collapse. In many ways, this is the same as the food chain.

If one part of the food chain is affected, then the whole food chain will be affected. It is important that all parts of these systems are valued and preserved in order to maintain their longevity of these systems.

Anytime that these are not preserved can result in a collapse in the system. 

Ecosystems not only play a practical role in supplying energy and being a source to the food chain but it also holds a greater significance.

Ecosystems demonstrate the vast complexities within a system and show that there is so much more than just one important part of the system. Ecosystems play a vital role and are not to be ignored. 


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