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How to help the environment: Five little things we can all do

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, people all over the world are asking “what can we do to help the environment”. If you aren’t working directly in the field, it can feel like there might not be much you can do.

How to help the environment Five little things we can all do

However, we want to change that narrative! Everyone can do something for the environment and it is important that we all begin to play our part in the effort to better our world. Here are our five ways to help the environment. 

Five things to do to help the environment

1. Examine your movement

There are many areas in our life where we can make some small changes to better the environment. Think about how you get from place to place each day. Are you a walker who loves to power walk everywhere you go? Do you grind it out in a daily drive to and from work? Or are you jumping on the bus every morning with all your fellow commuters? Take time to examine how you get around each day and see if there is a way to cut down on your driving. Public transit is a great option if it is too far to walk and can also save you money! 

2. Plan out your meals 

Food waste is a huge no-no in wanting to help the environment. It is so important that we try to not waste any food in our weekly grocery shops. To help you out, try taking time this week to plan out the food you want to eat and then sticking to a grocery list. This will help you not overbuy and get exactly what you will need for the week. Stick with meals with similar ingredients so you don’t have to buy a lot of variety. Not only will this save on waste but your wallet will thank you! 

Start making a positive impact: calculate your carbon footprint today

3. Reuse, reuse, reuse! 

One small area that we can make a change is how we reuse items. Purchasing a reusable water bottle and coffee cup will help you cut down on waste - and you look so much better with a cute cup as well!

4. Shop local 

This might not seem as obvious but a way that we can really help the environment is by shopping around our home. This will help us buy products that have not had to travel long distances to get to the shop and then your home but instead can support someone in your community and help cut down on emissions. 

5. Stay informed 

Start to get to know the government workers in your area who are passionate about the environment. How can you support them and can you make any suggestions for your town or city that can benefit the environment? Policy is where big changes happen so make sure you know what is going on! 

Would you like to plant a specific number of trees? Send a message to us now to  get it done!

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