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We need to plant more trees

If you want to change the world, plant trees. Trees are very important and we are here to raise awareness concerning this issue.

We need to plant more trees

More than half of the world’s tropical forests have already been destroyed. We hope to stop the negative trend of destroying them. How? Renewing forests by planting trees.

Fighting deforestation

Deforestation is a problem that is well-known in our communities. We are trying to help our environment by renewing the vegetation, as a new "shield" on Earth.

Today, many of the forests are sold to the highest bidder. Some industries often use trees to make profits. Palm oil companies grow unsustainable palm to create the final product of palm oil. Supporting brands that go against deforestation is the first step to making some of the biggest differences.

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These forests are the home of many wild animals and biodiverse ecosystems. Our planet was created with the purpose of having enough wild forests, although we are currently not up to the task.

A single wild forest provides its plants with different nutrients and stability to the soil to help the growth of other plants, as it is also a key to the water cycle.

Benefits of trees

People enjoy many benefits from the trees. They provide us with fresh air, they clean the air from harmful airborne particles and gaseous pollutants by absorbing them.

Among the well-known pollutants, we know how they absorb ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide.

This process helps to improve air quality, and by improving the air quality, any generation can live in a healthier environment.

On average, a single vehicle travelling on a 26,000-mile journey produces the same amount of carbon monoxide that one acre of mature trees can absorb.

Trees aren’t just acting as air purifiers, they help us breathe and provide us with oxygen. If you still don’t know why care so much about planting trees, there are a few facts you need to know:

  • Trees provide oxygen – In one year, two acres of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 36 people.
  • Trees save water – as they transpire, they increase the atmospheric moisture. Non-mature trees need fewer gallons of water, and they always give back more than they take.
  • Trees conserve energy – many families plant trees around their houses to cut expenses on air conditioning. If you use the trees strategically, they can save you energy.
  • Trees provide food – many trees provide us with fruits like apples or peaches. Aside from that, other trees provide food to animals, keeping the wildlife cycle alive.
  • Trees heal – exposing the human eye to trees can lead to many health benefits, like improving mental health. Many people who have been surrounded by forests claim they've helped them with reducing stress and better managing it.
  • Trees mark the seasons – Just look at the trees and you’ll know whether it’s spring or winter. Knowing when seasons change is essential to agriculture and other industries.
  • Trees block annoying sounds – they can protect residencies that are built near the highway by reducing the sound of vehicles passing through it. They also absorb dust particles and prevent heavy winds from blowing, keeping the environment cleaner and healthier.
  • Trees ignite unity – in every national park, there are various tree landmarks. These keep families together by gathering and visiting them, and it gives the national park a unique identity.
  • Trees can increase the property value – having vegetation near your property improves the appeal, if planted the right way. The benefits are undeniable, as many real estate investors will confirm this.

Our company strives to improve the state of global forests and vegetation by implementing nature-based solutions. Our goal is to help our planet, and that is why we'll keep planting trees.

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