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4 Important facts you need to know about rainforests

Rainforests are the type of forests that are either characterized by continuous or high rainfall. These monsoon troughs also known as the intertropical convergence zone play a very important role in building all the climatic conditions that are necessary for the earth’s tropical rainforest.

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It is even estimated that around forty to seventy-five percent of all biotic species are found and indigenous to these forest covers. Tropical rainforests are often called the world's largest pharmacy and the Jewels of the earth because more than 1/3rd of the world’s natural medicines are discovered here. Furthermore, they are also responsible for almost 25 percent of the world’s total oxygen turnover. Here in this blog, we would be broadly discussing some of the most astonishing facts about rainforests.

4 Important facts you need to know about Rainforests

Astonishing facts about rainforests

1. Rainforests play an important role in maintaining earths limited supply of fresh water

In general, rainforests adds water to our atmosphere especially by the process of transpiration. This in general is the process by which plants release water from their leaves during the process of photosynthesis. Moreover, deforestation reduces the overall moisture released in the atmosphere, causing rainfall to come down. This is the main reason why the loss of forests often leads to drought. Forests are often considered as natural water filters. They help in keeping debris and pollution out from flowing water into water supplies thereby slowing the rainwater movement such that it can flow easily into different underground reserves. Scientists have estimated that almost fifteen percent of the world's freshwater reserves flow directly from the Amazon Basin alone. 

2. Trees and plants found in rainforests produces some of the worlds life saving medicines

There is an estimate of around sixty percent of the world's anti-cancerous drugs to be found in the natural sources of the world's rainforests. Rainforests being rich in biodiversity, holds great potential for several medicinal discoveries. Furthermore, compounds found in rainforest plants are already used in the treatment of heart disorders, malaria, hypertension, diabetes, bronchitis, glaucoma, tuberculosis, and dysentery among other health problems.

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Moreover many types of commercially available anesthetic enzymes, laxatives, antibiotics, and antiseptics are also derived from several herbs and plants of rainforests. 

3. One out of four people in the world depend on rainforests for their livelihood

Approximately 1.6B people globally which is more than twenty-five percent of the world's population rely on forest sources for their livelihood. In accordance to Food And Agricultural Organization (UN), almost 1.2B people make use of trees to generate income and food. Remember generating sustainable type of forest-based livelihoods is undoubtedly a proven approach in saving the world's forest reserve. 

4. Tropical rainforests are the home to more than half of our planets terrestrial animal species

Mountain gorillas, jaguars, the Royal Bengal Tiger, orangutans, blue poison dart frogs are a few examples of some magnificent animal species found in the rainforest. However, on a sad note, many of these above-mentioned species are on the brink of extinction. Their continued existence is very much crucial for maintaining a balance of an efficient and delicate rainforest ecosystem. 

Whatever be the reason, remember rainforests are very much essential for the existence of life on Earth. Not only due to the fact that they provide water, air, food, medicine, or shelter they are also one of our best natural defenses against constant climate change especially due to their ability to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

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