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Silvopasture is a system where livestock animals, trees and pasture are integrated in a mutually ben..

Рermасulture (рermаnent аgriсulture) wаs оriginаlly а methоd theоrized in the 1970s by Bill Mоllisоn..

A “huge” isolated coral reef has been found in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Having a height..

In spite of being a reputed and attractive place, only a small portion of Iceland is covered by fore..

In barely one century, deforestation rates have increased dramatically. From 2021 to 2022 alone, it ..

It is an undeniable fact that goats in the middle of trees are an awesome sight; however, the good t..

The 'tree of life' might be a popular concept in mythology, folklore, or even religious stories, but..

The world is filled with several beautiful things, but it can never be argued that there is anything..

Rainforests are the type of forests that are either characterized by continuous or high rainfall. Th..