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What does the world gain when we protect tigers?

Tigers are one-of-a-kind species, and their population has drastically decreased, which is not deemed suitable for our environment. It is the reason due to which many tigers are kept in captivity. Tigers play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. If something is not done to protect these rare species, they will soon go extinct, and as a result, both humans and other animals would suffer. 

Today, we are going to talk about what does the world gain when we protect tigers, so you can have a better idea about how crucial these magnificent animals help our world.

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Why do we need to save tigers?

We need to save tigers for numerous reasons. Some of the most effective ones are specified below.

“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that you must have heard once in your life. This phrase describes the mechanism of natural selection and says that only the strongest can survive for an extended amount of time. This phrase is well applicable to tigers as they are one of the vigorous species of the forest.

Tigers, as being the most powerful, tend to be at the top of the food chain. It means they eat animals like deer and other herbivores. In short, tigers help to lower the population of certain animals which feed on natural vegetation in the forest. 

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When the population of certain herbivores is decreased in the forest, natural vegetation and other vital trees and plants stay protected, which helps to keep the forests alive. Due to the trees and plants, our ecosystem remains in perfect balance, and the earth remains preserved.

It is a widely known fact that trees absorb carbon dioxide to make food, and in return, they give us oxygen. If tigers are not saved, the population of certain herbivores, which tend to rely heavily on trees and plants will rapidly climb and not remain in check (balanced).

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As a result, the carbon storage value will increase. An increase in carbon storage means that the climate will be hotter, and other various respiratory diseases will take birth. 

Forests play a crucial role in providing freshwater to both humans and other species. Tigers are intelligent creatures that tend to live in areas where there’s enough water, and they keep the population of herbivores in check. Some of the most popular locations where tigers reside are Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. 

Forests reduce soil erosion, the residue which makes the water clean, and improve its flow. Hence, if we will not take some action to save tigers, we and other species will not be able to get fresh water, and without water, we can’t survive for a long time.

Although tigers are at the top of the food chain, they indirectly help other wildlife. Tigers live in densely vegetated areas, where other significant species like elephants, pygmy hog, and Bengal florican also reside. Hence, by protecting tigers and their natural habitat, we can help save other wildlife species from going extinct. 

The above-specified are the points about what do we as a community gain when we save tigers. Therefore, to preserve the earth’s ecological system, we must do something to protect tigers and their natural habitat.

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