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6 interesting facts about Trees

A tree in general is a perennial plant with supporting branches, trunk, and leaves in most species. The main parts of a tree consist of the trunk, roots, branches, and leaves. In most of the cases, trees reproduce with the help of seeds. Fruits and flowers are an integral part of most of the trees but some trees like the conifers have seed cones and pollen cones.

Trees are usually long-lived while some reaching several thousands of years. Our earth has seen the existence of trees for more than 370M years. Here in this blog, we would be discussing some interesting fun facts about trees.

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Interesting Facts About Trees

  • Trees Help In Cleaning Our Drinking Water: Over the years, forested watersheds has been providing high-quality drinking water to more than 180M Americans. In the year, 1997, New York City has spent almost $1.5B in order to preserve these forested watersheds that supplied NYC’s drinking water. As of now, the residents of NYC enjoy some of the world's cleanest drinking water and even the city has won several regional water taste competitions.
  • Trees Help To Reduce The Effects Of Carbon Emissions: Trees in general absorb Carbon dioxide while removing the Carbon particles and restoring oxygen back into the air. An acre of mature trees can easily absorb an equal amount of CO2 produced by a car that is driven for around 25000 miles. Furthermore, a mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing oxygen in exchange. 
  • Trees Are Known To Contribute To Our Health: According to a study made on ten cities, it was found that community forests save almost one life every year. In NYC, trees in general save almost 8 lives every year. Moreover, office workers with a view of trees nearby, report more satisfaction and less stress on an average. 
  • Trees Can Easily Increase Our Property Values: In Atlanta, Georgia, mature trees positively influenced the overall prices of houses. Houses were sold for approximately $105,000 in the neighborhoods of the city having mature trees. Moreover, in Portland, Oregon, houses with street trees were sold for an excess of seven thousand dollars every day. The overall sale premium having street trees was the same as having 129sq ft of completely finished space.
  • Trees Benefits Wildlife: Trees are known to provide vital wildlife habitat. In Canada, British Columbia, more than eighty wildlife species depend on trees. Moreover, forests and trees provide an important species range. For instance, the mountain lion of North America has got approximately 500 square miles for its wellbeing.
  • Trees Help In Reducing Crime Rate: In Baltimore, a 12 percent decrease in crime rate was found with a 10 percent increase in the tree canopy. Moreover, under minor crimes, there was less graffiti, littering, or vandalism with trees as an integral part of the natural landscape than in plant less spaces. 

Remember the value of trees in the wellbeing of the environment can never be underestimated. The environment and wellbeing are closely related to each other by a symbiotic relationship- i.e. what benefits one also benefits the other. Furthermore, understanding this relationship between trees and the environment is somewhat crucial towards formulating a proper conservation plan and prevent further degradation and deforestation of the environment.

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