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Valliant Group aims to become carbon neutral

The Valliant Group has recently announced its aims to become carbon neutral in the long term. The company develops products for heating, cooling and hot water.

The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality through a long-term strategy. This strategy falls under the sustainability program SEEDS (Sustainability in Environment, Employees, Development & Solutions and Society). The Valliant Group created this program 10 years ago and It aims to carry out CO2 reduction and compensation. The company employs sustainability representatives called SEEDS Ambassadors to monitor and assess sustainability aspects in different areas of the company each year.

One of the Valliant Group’s aims is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to 2018. It to look to renewable resources for energy, invest in an environmentally-friendly fleet of vehicles and reduce energy consumption within its own production processes and buildings. Approximately 90% of the Valliant Group’s emissions come from production locations and emissions from the company’s vehicle fleet.

The company offsets unavoidable CO2 emissions through afforestation projects in emerging economies in Central and South America. The company aims to create enough new forest areas by 2030 to fully offset all of the company’s necessary emissions.

The Valliant Group currently carries out numerous initiatives to monitor and improve its environmental practices. The company is involved in the Peer Learning Group Climate Protection of the German UN Global Compact network. The Valliant Group carries out an annual audit of its environmental practices and utilizes a central reporting tool, the Vaillant Group Sustainability Scorecard. This tool records and pools together the company’s sustainability indicators across the company. The Valliant Group is currently increasing the amount of recycled packaging it uses for its production materials. The company also has an entire business unit dedicated to expanding and strengthening the heat pump and renewable energy business.

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