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Mandatory compliance & Voluntary carbon market pricing

Mandatory (compliance) markets are governed by national, regional, or provincial law and compel emission sources to meet carbon emissions reduction targets. Because compliance programmeoffset credits are generated and traded for regulatory compliance, they typically act like other commodity pricing.

Voluntary carbon markets enable carbon emitters to offset their hard-to-abate emissions by acquiring carbon credits generated by initiatives aimed at removing or decreasing carbon emissions from the environment and restoring nature. Companies can engage in the voluntary carbon market on their own or as part of an industry-wide programme.

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EUA Futures Prices


EU ETS is the European carbon credit contract which is exchange traded. It is a Futures contract for the purposes of trading and delivering EUAs (European Union Allowancesthe official name for the region’s emission allowances). One EUA allows the holder to emit one tonne of CO2 or CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas.


CBL California Carbon Allowance Vintage 2021 Futures


Known simply as the California Cap and Trade Program, CCA Futures is the physically delivered greenhouse gas emissions allowances for the California Carbon Allowance (CCA) program. One CCA credit represents one metric tonne of CO2 equivalent under California Assembly Bill 32 'California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006'.