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Achieving Net Zero

Becoming a sustainable company is easier than you think. With DGB, you can help reforest the world to compensate for your harmful emissions and reach your net zero goals. 

Creating balance

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero means that you balance the amount of carbon you emit into the atmosphere and how much you remove from it. This balance - or Net Zero - is created once the amount of carbon you add to the atmosphere is the same as the amount you remove. 

Powering your progress

There is an ever-growing list of companies pledging to achieve Net Zero. Still, with many different criteria of what that means, we seek to bring clarity while assisting our clients in taking the next steps on their sustainability journey.

A strategic partner

Becoming Net-Zero is simple but not easy. That's why we are with you every step of the way. Our Impact Consultants will draft the plans and strategies to reduce your carbon emissions and guide you through your carbon offsetting process. 

Become Net Zero with nature-based solutions

You can reach your Net Zero goals through various methods, including technical options like direct carbon capture and storage or natural solutions like forestry and soil carbon sequestration. As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on carbon offsetting and nature conservation, DGB is there to help you achieve your goals through the latter.  Our Carbon Experts have helped numerous companies reach  Net Zero and are ready to help you too. 


Verified Emission Reductions

DGB Carbon- and Biodiversity Credits are validated and verified by third-party audits using leading standards such as VCS or Gold Standard. These high-quality Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) represent at least one metric tonne of additional, permanent, and otherwise unclaimed CO2 emission reductions or removals and create positive environmental and social impact.


How to become carbon neutral

1. Emission Calculating

Emissions of carbon dioxide are an inescapable aspect of modernity. However, businesses now have various options for assessing and recording their carbon footprint and developing strategies to minimise or eliminate these carbon emissions. 

2. Biodiversity Credits

A Biodiversity Credit is an innovative approach to transparently quantifying the net positive impacts of an investment on 1 hectare preserved, restored, or managed through sustainable land practices. DGB is a verified supplier of high-quality Biodiversity Credits. 

Net Zero Case Studies

Learn more about the businesses we've helped achieve their sustainability goals with net zero case studies.

Net Zero Projects

We are actively restoring nature worldwide in as many ways as possible. From Paraguay to Kenya, our projects aim to prevent deforestation and provide a greener, more biodiverse, more resilient world. Visit DGB's Net Zero Project Hub to learn more about our projects. 

Net Zero Articles

Read the latest trends, tips, and inspiration in the world of environmental ecosystems and carbon neutrality from DGB.

Get in touch

As the world's first publicly traded purpose company focused on ecosystem restoration, DGB is harnessing market forces and the access to capital needed to accelerate Earth's reforestation rapidly. Reach out to us to learn more about our work.

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