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Greening the streets: Nature-based solutions enhance urban environments

Road transport significantly contributes to carbon emissions, accounting for approximately 80% of transport-derived emissions. It also poses health risks to people living near roads due to traffic-related air pollution. However, nature-based solutions can help mitigate these challenges and create better living environments.

Greening the streets_ Nature-based solutions enhance urban environments_visual 1Wild horse overlooking countryside and farmlands. Cornwall, UK.

In Cornwall, a 28-mile road is being transformed into an ecosystem of native species, restoring woodlands, orchards, grasslands, and heathlands. This project is a collaboration between Cornwall Wildlife Trust and National Highways provides wildlife crossing points and restores wetlands and ponds, benefiting local species and the climate. Additionally, it aims to preserve cultural heritage and improve the wellbeing of residents.

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Curridabat, in Costa Rica, embraced nature-based solutions to enhance life satisfaction and contact with nature. The Sweet City Curridabat project redesigned parks, roads, and neighbourhoods, planting local species and creating bio-corridors for pollinators. This approach improves the health and happiness of citizens and supports sustainable mobility.

The Stitch proposes covering roadways with parks to filter emissions and improve urban environments. Atlanta plans to create a 14-acre green space ‘cap’ on a major road, reducing the urban heat island effect and boosting physical and mental health. The project is currently under development, but the movement is creating momentum. Similar ideas are being explored in the Bronx, New York.

DGB Group supports implementing nature-based solutions in urban areas, as these are the most densely populated areas where many people live and work. A more sustainable environment is created by small steps—whether it’s tree planting or recycling—there are many ways you can make a difference.

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