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New Global Biodiversity Framework Fund: empowering nature's revival

The Global Environment Facility’s Seventh Assembly witnessed an exceptional demonstration of international collaboration as representatives from 185 countries came together to address the urgent need for safeguarding global biodiversity. The assembly marked a historic moment with the introduction of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF), an innovative and transformative initiative aimed at conserving and revitalising endangered wild species and ecosystems grappling with diverse threats, such as wildfires, extreme weather, and rapid urbanisation.

New Global Biodiversity Framework Fund_birds drinking nectar from flowers_visual 1Close-up of Black-throated bushtit birds drinking nectar from flowers. 

The GBFF gained substantial momentum through substantial commitments from participating nations. Canada affirmed its dedication to environmental preservation by pledging 200 million Canadian dollars, while the United Kingdom reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable development with a contribution of 10 million pounds. These significant pledges underscore the international determination to address the ecological challenges posed by accelerating biodiversity loss.

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Aligned with the United Nations' mission to protect a minimum of 30% of terrestrial and coastal areas by 2030, the GBFF represents a decisive response to the intensifying global call for conservation efforts. Against the backdrop of environmental degradation and imminent biodiversity loss, the GBFF emerges as a beacon, uniting countries in a shared responsibility for the planet's ecological wellbeing.

While the GBFF seeks to garner additional support from governments, philanthropy, and the private sector, its overarching goal remains resolute: to halt and reverse the alarming decline in global biodiversity by 2030 and pave the way for nature's rejuvenation by 2050. Emphasising inclusivity and partnership, the fund designates up to 20% of its resources to empower initiatives led by Indigenous peoples, recognising their crucial role as stewards of the land. Furthermore, the fund underscores its commitment to vulnerable nations.

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Amidst a complex tapestry of environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecological crises, the GBFF signifies humanity's united resolve to forge a new path. By pooling resources, expertise, and determination, this initiative represents a watershed moment—a collective stride towards securing a diverse, vibrant, and resilient planet.

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