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Pioneering biodiversity initiatives announced in Malaysia

In a significant move to bolster biodiversity conservation, Malaysia is set to roll out its comprehensive National Policy on Biological Diversity 2022–2030. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim emphasised the importance of aligning state-level biodiversity plans with this national strategy. To strengthen biodiversity management at the state and municipal levels, the government will integrate initiatives from various policies, including the Malaysia Forestry Policy and the National Coastal Zone Physical Plan.

Pioneering biodiversity initiatives announced in Malaysia_three long-nosed monkeys or kahaus, one of the monkey species that inhabits the jungles of Malaysia_visual 1.pngThree Kahaus waiting patiently under the rain. This long-nosed monkey species inhabits the jungles of Malaysia.

Anwar highlighted the creation of the National Tiger Conservation Task Force and various biodiversity centres as steps to enhance conservation efforts. He also revealed transformative measures in the 2024 Budget, targeting the protection of Malaysian forests and combatting illegal activities. The Biodiversity Protection and Patrolling Programme will expand with 2,000 community rangers in 2024.

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To empower state governments in conservation and protected area declaration, the Ecological Fiscal Transfer for Biodiversity Conservation is increased to $42 million. Malaysia also plans to issue biodiversity sukuk worth $210 million for forest reforestation and carbon credit generation. Sukuk is a Sharia-compliant financial instrument akin to a bond, to be introduced by the Malaysian government in the realm of Islamic finance.

Additionally, to encourage private sector participation, tax incentives will be provided to entities sponsoring tree planting and conservation efforts. Notably, corporations like UMW Holdings Bhd, Yayasan Axiata & Edotco Group, Touch 'n Go, Telekom Malaysia Bhd, and the National Cooperative Movement of Malaysia Bhd have actively contributed to the Malaysia Greening Programme through the 100 Million Tree-Planting Campaign.

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Anwar's presence at the World Climate Action Summit on 1 and 2 December will underline Malaysia's commitment to addressing nature conservation, especially in forest management. The Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change has engaged with state governments, receiving positive feedback on the alignment of state-level plans with the national policy. Malaysia is on a trajectory to become a global leader in biodiversity conservation.

DGB Group is devoted to initiatives that foster positive outcomes for both biodiversity and the communities it engages with. Our commitment revolves around implementing nature-centric solutions that yield advantages for all stakeholders. Our projects harmoniously incorporate a variety of sustainable land management approaches, including agroforestry, agroecology, and regenerative agriculture, ensuring that biodiversity is protected and supported in balance with human activities.

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