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Project updates

Read our project updates to discover our impact on nature and local communities worldwide.

The Uganda Reforestation Project plans to plant 3 million trees in the next 3 years, starting in 202..

A few weeks ago our team planted the first trees in Cameroon! While the time for planting trees does..

Nature Restoration projects sound scientific and out of an anthropological research paper. However, ..

DGB Group CEO Selwyn Duijvestijn and project director Theo Oben had the privilege to meet with the ..

The Cameroon Afforestation Project has gained significant attention and has been featured on nationa..

We are delighted to announce that the planting process of our afforestation project in C..

It's time for another update from Corekees, DGB Group's retail-focused direct investment platform.


The DGB Kenya management team recently visited the Netherlands to meet with various stakeholders an..

Besides agroforestry around Mt. Kenya, we also operate and restore nature in Uganda and Cameroon.

To a layman’s eyes, investing in cookstoves wouldn’t necessarily equate to mitigating carbon emissio..