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Growing green: The Hongera Reforestation Project expands its nurseries in Kenya

Step into the heart of the Hongera Reforestation Project. As the sun casts its golden glow on the landscapes of Kenya, we are thrilled to share an exciting update on the Hongera Reforestation Project—an endeavour that holds great significance for the lush canopies, local communities, and delicate balance of ecosystems.

Video of project update - Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

At the core of this project lies our commitment to revitalising previously-forested areas that have suffered from human activities such as logging, agricultural expansion, overgrazing, unregulated development, and firewood harvesting. The Hongera Reforestation Project is a monumental carbon offsetting endeavour, embarking on a journey to reintroduce over 16 million trees over the project’s lifetime. The project is set in the majestic catchment area of Mt Kenya and the Aberdares—nature's guardians of water security and biodiversity.

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Embedded within the project's tapestry is vital community collaboration. Here, the earth meets the hands of smallholder farmers, whose livelihoods are entwined with the very soil they cultivate. The Hongera Reforestation Project sows the seeds of change, sprouting not only trees but also jobs, training programmes, investments, and blossoming new opportunities that alleviate poverty.

Hongera Reforestation Project expands its nurseries in Kenya_locals with tree seedlings before planting_visual 2Locals with tree seedlings before planting - Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

The project’s nurseries, the cradle for saplings, are expanding to house more seedlings—a testament to our dedication. The seedlings have been increased from 100,000 to a remarkable 240,000. Working spaces have also been expanded and more staff employed to nurture and prepare these seedlings, bolstering the efforts required for these young lives to flourish. In addition, seedling delivery has increased from 3,500 twice a month to an impressive 5,000 three times per month, which adds up to a delivery of 15,000 seedlings a month. The nursery soil is therefore not just rich with potential but also growing an increasing number of seedlings that will offer tangible benefits as trees.

Hongera Reforestation Project expands its nurseries in Kenya_Locals receiving tree seedlings during seedling delivery_visual 3Community members receiving tree seedlings during seedling delivery - Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

In Laikipia County, a coordinated effort has just distributed 800 seedlings, fostering a flourishing ecosystem. In the district of Warero, the Kirima Mugumo Group plays a pivotal role, contributing to our delivery efforts. Likewise, in Ndindika, the Boma Mazingira Group actively contributes its nurturing expertise to enhance the sun-soaked expanses. Turning to Njorua, the Ndururu Akili community also plays a vital role in seedling distribution. Collectively, these endeavours ensure the successful distribution of seedlings, igniting the growth of a robust ecosystem.

Hongera Reforestation Project expands its nurseries in Kenya_landscape with planted young trees_visual 4Landscape with planted young trees - Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

As we reflect on this chapter of growth, let us remember that every seedling nurtured and every tree planted is a gift not just to Earth but to our shared future. The expansion of the nurseries of the Hongera Reforestation Project shows our commitment to nature and our goal of reforesting the world at scale. With our hands in the soil and your contribution, we can make a real difference—nurturing nature, fostering communities, and creating a greener tomorrow for all.

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