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How You Can
Offset Your Carbon

Offsetting carbon is easy and we have the tools to help you every step of the way. Start measure your carbon emission before offset.

Step 1

Use our carbon calculator and learn your footprint

If you don't know your emissions yet, our advanced carbon calculator allow you to measure your impact over multiple locations and sources.This will help you find out how to offset your emissions first.

Step 2

You know your footprint? Select your carbon project

We are here for help you. Our expert team is actively restoring nature worldwide in as many ways as possible. We can define your organization net zero aims based in data driven roadmap. Schedule a meeting with our expert which carbon projects fits your needs.

How we do it

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Many of our daily activities - such as using electricity, driving a car, or disposing of waste - cause emissions. Together these emissions make up a household's carbon footprint. DGB's CO2.Expert carbon calculator is free to use. And the calculator estimates your footprint in three areas: home energy, transportation and waste. Everyone's carbon footprint is different depending on their location, habits, and personal choices.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Buyers of carbon credits must be guaranteed that their investment actually results in a measurable reduction or removal of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Furthermore, buyers also need to ensure that the carbon offset consequence would not have happened even without the purchase of carbon credits.

This carbon calculator is provided free to use. Offsetting one tonne of carbon means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is the fastest way to achieve emissions reductions and the only way to achieve carbon neutrality.

Carbon offset projects of DGB are certified by VCS or The Gold Standard in accordance their guidelines independently audited. Aside from ensuring that environmental benefits are achieved as claimed, our projects also aim to uphold social benefits for the local community.

What we do

Carbon Calculation Process



Calculate your emissions with DGB's taylor made own technology.


Start offsetting carbon emissions with your impact consultant.



Based on data, we plant trees for you that sequester emissions.


Congratulations! You are now carbon neutral

Offset Your Carbon Emissions by Planting Trees Directly

It's crucial for every human being to reduce their carbon footprint and overall pollution impact on the planet by finding different energetic sources and cost-effective solutions to supplement the current harmful ones.

This idea was born decades, even centuries ago, when global pollution started showing its negative effects on our planet. DGB, as a company, is the first public company that has transferred its views on deforestation and with it, the problems that have occurred. Now, if you have already now your emissions, get in touch with us.


Get in touch with us about what we can do for you about more sustainable business.